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Full Version: first FF XII pics
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wtd theres a bangia in the picture..........
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Ooooo RPGFan, I frequent that place as well. Ashe = hawtee!
Cool stuff. Here is some that was posted on GameStop a couple days ago:

Square Enix releases new information concerning the lead characters and environments in Final Fantasy XII.

See it TOKYO--The first images of Final Fantasy XII from the weekly Jump magazine have begun to leak on the Internet through anonymous sources. Judging by the images and text in the magazine, Final Fantasy XII will take place in a fantasy world where there are other races aside from humans, and flying vessels fill the sky. A number of landscape pictures show that the world of Final Fantasy XII will have different environments; one area in the world looks urban with tall buildings, while another location appears to be tropical. There seems to be some sort of war going on in the world of FFXII, as one of the CG illustrations shows an army of soldiers equipped with spears, and another CG shows a soldier riding on a chocobo.

The main characters in Final Fantasy XII are a boy named Van and a girl named Arche (accurate English spellings currently unknown). In the CG illustrations, Van is seen holding an unknown shining object to his face like a cell phone, and Arche is holding a sword. In the accompanying screenshot, both characters look to have shields equipped in their left hands.

While Final Fantasy XII has been rescheduled for release sometime next year, Square Enix will still be making an official presentation of the game on November 19. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

By Staff, GameSpot  [POSTED: 11/13/03 07:11 AM]

Looks like we'll learn alot more about the game on Wednesday. :D
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