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Full Version: Who are your Characters?
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EDIT: this is really old, my characters have changed so ill redo this soon heh.
Well I've actually put some thought into most of my characters since v1. I have a sort of story for each of them. I'll start with the first few and work my way to my current. Try and keep up beigebiggrin.gif

Dirge-Hucast: Based off of a character I created for an unfinished comic I had been working on. Dirge was the second pso character I made, and was created as a throwaway character for fun but I ended up keeping him as my main all the way to the end of v2. Storywise, Dirge was destroyed by Legion before Legion was killed by Wave Serpent.

Caliban-Ramar: Caliban's squad was wiped out by a Garanz Machine in the mines and he continued on, narrowly avoiding a run in with The Apocalypse Tribe en route to the Ancient Ruins. He eventually confronted Dark Falz and during the battle, was possesed by Falz himself and perished.

Wave Serpent-Ramar: In the weeks following Caliban's death, a mysterious figure was spotted by numerous eyewitnesses in the shadows of the Ancient Ruins. Wave Serpent soon made his presence known to The Apocalypse Tribe and joined their ranks. Unknown to all he was Caliban reborn and still inhabited by the spirit of Dark Falz.

Legion-Humar: With an undying lust for power, Legion sacrificed all to attain godlike abilities and status. He befriended Dirge and Wave Serpent, eventually betraying them in a conquest for superiority. Dirge was destroyed in the subsequent battle with Legion as Wave Serpent fell and was near death. Dark Falz, sensing imminent destruction, unleashed his might and consumed Legion, leaving Wave Serpent to die.

Other victim of Legion: Margorach-Fonewearl

Episode 2-

Harbinger-Fomar: Recovering from the battle, Wave Serpent noticed lingering energy from Falz within his body. He now had increased mental strength and embarked on The Path of Force. Adopting the name Harbinger he continues his quest to this day.

Dirge II-Hucast: Rebuilt from the destroyed shell that was Dirge. Harbinger recreated the hucast with the help of Sav and his skills in android technology.

beigebigeek.gif that came out longer than I planned, there are a few more minor characters and I will detail their history in a forthcoming chapter.
Ok! I finally took the time to sit down and write out Layrinn's history. Most of who she is has developed from my experiences with other people in this game. There isn't a whole lot of back-story from before I started playing because there really doesn't need to be. As you can see from the length of this post, enough has happened in Layrinn's life as a Hunter to make for a pretty interesting story.

I'm working on a background for a new character, Neesah. I have a pretty good idea of how it's gonna go, so once I find the time to write it down I'll add it here.

For now... here's the Rinn you've all come to know and love. =D

Layrinn -
Nothing much is known about Layrinn’s early childhood. Newmans develop so quickly, it’s really an insignificant portion of their lives anyways. Suffice it to say that she reached maturity on board Pioneer 2 without any major hardships. Like so many others on the huge colony ship, she joined the Hunter’s Guild as soon as they would admit her and began her career as a Hunter. The real story of her life begins one afternoon when she was taking a stroll through Pioneer 2’s hangar. It was there she saw the most beautiful spacecraft she had ever seen, in person, holo, or anywhere else.

Rinn stood there in awe staring at the Sol Bianca for what seemed like days before someone on board finally noticed her and invited her inside. The girl’s name was Serendipity, and she was very friendly as she showed Rinn around the vessel. Seren explained that the crew members of the Sol Bianca were all part of an all-female troupe of pirates. Seren laughed as she admitted that even though they called themselves pirates, no one there had ever stolen a single thing… they were just a group of girls who liked to hunt together and take care of each other.

(Version 1)
Serendipity introduced Layrinn to the rest of the crew. April Stardust, the captain and owner of this fine ship. Mesach, Seren’s closest friend. Cienna, a busty red-head and ship’s bartender. And K1nzuk0, a stray RAcaseal they had picked up along the way with some rather… unique programming. “We’re a small group… but we’re very close,” April said as she patted Seren on her cheek. “What’d’ya think? How ‘bout you stick around?” Rinn bought herself a flamboyant red outfit, dyed her hair a bright purple, and joined the girls.

The months that followed were some of the happiest in Rinn’s life. She moved out of her flat in Pioneer 2’s Bluefull section and into a berth on the Sol Bianca. She and the rest of the girls went on countless adventures on the surface of Ragol, forging close friendships and honing their battle skills. Layrinn and Cienna grew very close and their friendship blossomed into a love affair that would last long after the mysterious disappearance of April Stardust and the dissolution of the Sol Bianca Pirate troupe.

(Version 2)
Once the troupe fell apart, Layrinn moved back to Pioneer 2’s Bluefull residential section… although she spent as many nights in a certain apartment in the Viridia quadrant. She let her hair return to it’s natural black and chose to dress in a slightly more conservative purple outfit. She still went hunting almost daily. She didn’t have any particular lust for violence or killing… but it seemed that adventure and excitement were in her blood, and she had no desire to resist the call. Although most of the pirate troupe was gone, she still had plenty of friends among her fellow hunters. She met two very special people during this time.

One was a human man named Fargo. He was K1nzuk0’s creator (who freely admitted he had no idea what he was doing when he programmed her) and a Hunter in the Guild. They became fast friends and made trips to the surface together as often as they could. Much to the surprise of both of them, they began falling for each other. Layrinn suddenly found herself in a very unfamiliar situation, as she had never felt so strongly for a man before in her life. She soon realized, though, that it would never work between them. Maybe it was because of her time on board the Sol Bianca, or maybe she was just born that way… but her attraction to other women ran a little more deeply than simple preference. Fargo and Rinn remained friends for a time, but eventually drifted apart.

Around the same time she met Fargo, Rinn also met a tall, thin, exuberant newearl. Zorya was Hunter, just like Rinn. She was one of the most outgoing and friendly people Rinn had ever seen… she liked her immediately. (the cute pig-tails helped, too) Those traits also made Zorya extremely popular, and so Rinn was a little nervous about introducing herself. However, as fate would have it, the two girls eventually did meet and became friends. Over time, Zorya and Layrinn became best friends, their camaraderie lasting through countless missions, lobby gatherings, and private late-night gabfests.

(Version 3)
When it was announced that one of Pioneer 2’s top lab facilities was recruiting hunters for a new mission, Layrinn felt her blood calling to her for action once again. But it had been a long time since she had done any hunting. She had sold all of her equipment a long time ago and was pretty out of practice. Undaunted, she bought a cheap frame and a saber, dusted off her old Hunter’s License and headed off to the lab. On her way there, she met a young man by the name of Bremen. He had just graduated from the Force academy and had signed on at the Hunter’s Guild as a FOmar. The two of them decided that they would make a good team. For the next two weeks, it seemed like nothing but non-stop battles for Layrinn and Bremen. Rinn began to regain her former strength and skill, and Bremen was developing some amazing power as a Force.

Unfortunately, Bremen had the attention span of a hyperactive 12-year-old kid, and soon Layrinn was on her own again. Unsure of what to do next, Rinn wandered over to one of the hunter’s public lobbies. Fate was with her that evening… the first person she bumped in to was her old friend Zorya. After several minutes of “Oh my god!” and plenty of good hugs, the girls jumped in a transporter and hit the surface of Ragol… just like old times. To this day, Rinn still blushes whenever Zorya enters the room.

Layrinn remains an active hunter these days. She’s not the best out there, but she’s pretty damned good. She runs with a tight-knit mix of old-timers and new hunters. These people are her family now. She cares for them deeply, and she’s at her best when she’s hunting with them. The rest of her story will be written along side these fine warriors.

OMG, I don't know what got into me tonight... o.O;

Here's Neesah's:

Neesah –
Neesah was the bastard child of two newman hunters who got drunk and decided to get it on one night. (you know how those FOnewms are… I mean, just look at ‘em!) Although her mother was decent enough not to hunt during the pregnancy, she returned to active duty almost immediately after the un-wanted child was delivered. Only a few weeks after Neesah was born, both of her parents were killed in action against the vicious creatures on Ragol.

Neesah was turned over to the government of Pioneer 2 and was placed in an orphanage. It wasn’t necessarily a bad place… but the unexpectedly hostile environment on Ragol had produced an unprecedented number of orphans in recent years. Government facilities were overwhelmed, so it was typically tough love at these orphanages. Individual care and attention were hard to come by, and competition and rivalries among the children were common and usually not friendly. Thanks to her newman blood, Neesah’s childhood was mercifully short. As soon as she was announced to have reached physical maturity at age two, she enrolled at the Hunter Academy.

It wasn’t like she had any burning desire to be a hunter… she wasn’t consumed with a need to avenge the parents she never knew… she had just always been strong and agile, and she really couldn’t think of anything else she could do at this point. It was here that she finally met some decent people in her own peer group for the first time in her life… or so she thought. After she had been there for only a few days, she was noticed by one of the other cadets… a young human man. Over the next few days, he won her over with his charming good looks and silk tongue. Innocent and naïve, Neesah took his advances as genuine and sincere and fell for the young lad. After they shared a night of passion, the scoundrel moved on to his next conquest, leaving Neesah behind in a shattered world of heartache, disbelief, and mistrust.

Neesah was a train wreck for weeks… it was the final straw. The boy had put the finishing touches on her already miserable life, and it was too much for her young mind to take. She was nearly expelled from the Academy. The drill sergeant of the Academy, in a rare moment of compassion, gave Neesah one last pep talk in hopes of saving this promising student. Something finally clicked inside Neesah, and she quickly got back on her feet. Far from being happy and well adjusted, however, the experience left her badly scarred emotionally. She never opened herself to anyone from then on, choosing to focus instead on her training. Eventually, the other cadets, even the truly decent ones, gave up on trying to reach her and she spent the rest of her days at the Academy virtually in solitude.

So when an older, more experienced Hunter named Layrinn came to the Hunter Academy one day and chose Neesah as her apprentice, she did not respond with the typical joy and gratitude normally exhibited on such an occasion. Indeed, Neesah was quite upset at having to leave the nice little pocket of loneliness she had created for herself at the Academy. Layrinn was nothing if not persistent, though. Even though it took some time, Neesah eventually learned to trust Layrinn and appreciate what she had done for her. She learned well from her mentor, and quickly became a skilled Hunter.

Although her time with Layrinn has softened her disposition a little, Neesah still comes off as being quite cold-hearted most of the time… particularly when dealing strangers, and especially when dealing with men. She still has major trust issues, and despite Layrinn’s best attempts to convince her otherwise, she seems determined to live the rest of her life without any close friends. Even though her apprenticeship is finished and Neesah is now a full-fledged Hunter, she still stays in close contact with Layrinn. Although she’s learned not to say anything directly to Neesah about it, Layrinn secretly takes this as a sign of hope that one day Neesah will learn to trust again, and maybe even to love. Layrinn subtly tries to steer Neesah towards people she knows will treat her right and hopes that they have the patience to put up with her and to help her come out of her solitary shell.
Rinn that was really cool, I enjoyed reading that. Please write more beigesmile.gif
good job rinn nice work.. now mi gonn have to write one lol crash.gif
Here's a little short story of Rinn and Neesah's first meeting... it might be Chapter 1 of a larger story, or I might just leave it at this. We'll just have to see how much longer this inspiration lasts. beigelaugh.gif


Layrinn stood next to an old-fashioned chain-link fence, resting one hand against it and looking inside the enclosed region. She watched as a screaming throng of young men and women, human, newman, and android alike, tried their hardest to beat the snot out of one another. It was the beginning of the final exam at Pioneer 2’s Hunter Academy. Rinn sighed and shook her head as she remembered going through the same exercise several years ago.

“What a joke…” she thought. “This kind of thing does nothing to prepare these kids for what it’s really like down on Ragol.”

She walked to the corner of the fence, opened the gate there and stepped inside. She stood next to a tall podium where a large battle-grizzled RAcast stood observing the melee taking place before him. He was concentrating intently on the field of combatants, and so didn’t notice Rinn for a few moments. When he did, he bellowed at full-output, “Hey, who the hell do you think you are coming in here?!? Don’t you know this is a restricted area?!?”

Even though she knew it was coming, Layrinn still winced at the volume of the android’s voice. He denied it all the time, but everyone knew the Sarge used after-market boosters on his voice output circuitry. “Hello, Sarge. Good to see you, too.”

“Oh, well if it isn’t Layrinn… How the hell are ya?!?” The mighty RAcast lumbered down to stand in front of Rinn, towering over the girl. “Let me see your Hunter’s License so I can decide how happy I am to see you.” He took the embossed card Layrinn offered him and looked it over, activating a few of the logs built into the device. “Hmm… level 146, eh? Not too shabby, girl. You make an old android proud.”

“I aim to please,” she smiled and patted Sarge’s giant arm as she took her identification back. She scowled a little as she looked to the field of young combatants. “Still using these old training methods, huh?”

Sarge crossed his arms over his chest with a loud clank. “I know what you think of them, so spare me your lectures this time. Look, it’s a little busy today, if you hadn’t noticed … what do you need?”

Layrinn took a moment to suppress her annoyance… “These training methods are so stupid,” she though. “They don’t teach these kids anything at all about combat with the creatures on Ragol. They go there thinking they know it all, only to get maimed or killed when they find out what it’s really like.” She looked up at Sarge and said “I’m thinking about rescuing one of these kids from you, actually.”

“Hahahaha!!” The RAcast threw his head back and shook as he laughed, mimicking the human gesture. “You want an apprentice?!? Don’t tell me you’re that lonely…”

Rinn’s face flushed red and she scowled again as she quickly averted her eyes from the android’s gaze. “N… no! That doesn’t have anything to do with it.” All this time, and he still knew how to push her buttons… the perfect drill sergeant if there ever was one.

“Haha, ok ok… whatever you say. So who did you have your eye on? Who’s the lucky guy?” he said, looking as smug as possible for having a metal face.

“Hmph… What do you know, you big bucket of bolts,” she thought to herself. Rinn sighed and looked out at the battlefield. “They all look so young,” she thought. “Did I look that naive?” She studied the young students for a while… most of them barely had any sense at all, screaming at the top of their lungs, flailing about ineffectually with their practice sabers. (they’ll make perfect HUmars…) A few of them caught her eye for a moment… a small female android who was particularly vicious with a pair of daggers (doesn’t look like she needs any of my help)… a young newman boy who had apparently already learned a few basic techniques was zotting people with lightning (hmm… no, I wouldn’t really be able to properly train him as a Force).

One girl held Rinn’s attention for a while. She wasn’t the smallest person out there, but she was close. She was a newearl with long silver hair dressed in black. She was incredibly agile, far more so than anyone else in the melee, and was able to avoid or deflect nearly every attack aimed at her. The blows that did make it through, she wordlessly shrugged off to continue her assault. “It has to hurt,” though Rinn, “I can see the marks on her from here!” She cocked her head to one side and pointed to the girl.

“Hey Sarge, who’s that? The girl with the white hair?” she asked out loud.

“One moment, please,” Sarge replied as he accessed his records. “Cadet number 340145450. Newman. Female. Neesah. Date of birth…”

Rinn cut him off with a wave of her hand. “Yeah, yeah… Neesah, is it?” She stood with her eyes fixed on Neesah, absorbed with watching her every movement… the girl had potential. “I’d like to take her, please.”

“Why her?” Sarge asked, as he silently recalled the troubles he’d had with Neesah.

Layrinn’s gaze never left the girl as she shrugged her shoulders a little. “I dunno…” she said, absentmindedly curling a lock of her jet-black hair around one finger, “there’s just something about her.”

If androids could look irritated, Sarge certainly would have at this point. “I’ll never understand you creatures," he said. "Very well...” Sarge took a few steps forward and emitted a loud, piercing, shrill whistle sound. Layrinn, startled out of her half-daze, cringed as the sheer magnitude of it assaulted her delicate ears. “CADETS HALT,” he called out. Within a few moments, the ruckus ceased and those who were still standing turned to face the mighty android. “Cadet number 340145450, front and center!”

Neesah hesitated a moment and then slowly walked to where Rinn and Sarge were waiting. Her body was covered with sweat and dirt. Several scorch marks were evident on her lightly tanned skin from where she had been hit with the practice weapons. Yet despite all of that, her face remained nearly emotionless.

Sarge spoke to her very bluntly, “You will now relinquish your training equipment. Power them down and hand them to me, please.” It never occurred to Sarge to actually ask Neesah if she wanted to be an apprentice. Never in the whole history of the tradition of master and apprentice had a young hunter ever turned down an offer from a veteran.

A murmur of surprise spread through the crowd of cadets. Everyone knew what was going on, and every last one of them would have given anything to trade places with Neesah right now. Only Neesah, who’s life at the Academy had been spent largely in solitude, didn’t understand what was happening. She thought she was being expelled… on the final day of training, no less! Neesah’s composure faltered and a look of shock flashed over her. She gave Sarge her saber, her hands visibly shaking. “I don’t understand. Did I fail?” She handed him her barrier.

Sarge had all he could take of senseless newman women today. “You will accompany this woman here. Please exit the facilities immediately.” He turned to face the crowd of stunned cadets, leaving the two newearls alone. “RESUME COMBAT!” he shouted. The young hunters stood in stunned silence for only a moment longer, and then returned to the business at hand of trying to stomp their fellow classmates into the dirt.

Neesah was indeed very short. She barely came up to Layrinn’s chest… and Rinn was by no means a tall girl. Neesah was a year or two younger than Rinn, but since newmans reached physical maturity so fast, she was long since fully grown. She looked up at Rinn with anger and resentment, tears welling in her golden eyes. “What did I do wrong?” she asked in a trembling voice, barely able to contain her shock and disappointment.

Rinn smiled down at Neesah and put a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her. She giggled a little and said, “Nothing, sweetie. You didn’t fail… you passed with flying colors.” Sarge was yelling something at full-output again. “C’mon, let’s get out of here before we go deaf.” Layrinn reached down and took the younger girl’s hand and led a stunned and confused Neesah away from the Hunter Academy and towards the near-by teleport facility.
Great stuff again shades.gif can't wait to read the next chapter.

Rinn, you should make this a new topic.
Augh! That would mean I would have to think of a title!! o.O

Hehe... anyways, I have some ideas floating around in my head for some more. Right now, they're just "scenes" basically. I need to flesh them out a bit and connect them if I want to make it a real story. I also need to ask a few people if it's ok to use their characters in the story. Things could get dull pretty quick if it's just Rinn and Neesah the whole time.

Thanks for the encouragement, Dive. =D I'll try to work on it some more as it comes to me and I have/make the time.
Hey I appreciate you adding some great content to the board, It's very well written in my opinion.
I thought I'd join the mix and give some background on the characters I've used over the span of all my PSO playing. ;-) I may be posting this in parts as well. beigebigrazz.gif By the way, I really enjoyed reading both your storylines, Dive and 'Rinn.

Version 1 Characters
I used several characters in Version 1 on DC and many of them lacked any type of persona to them. However, there are four that stand out in my mind. The first two come from the early V1 days. I got the game right when it was released in the States and played it religiously for a few months before I moved out and didn't have a phone line... which lead to me quitting PSO for the first time. Anyhow, I eventually moved again, and this time I found myself returning to PSO to join the ranks of the V2 crowd with two brand new characters. Without further ado:

Lugnut was a RAcast with the mohawk and baby blue colored uniform. To my memory, he was pretty much your standard size RAcast. Anyhow, in my mind, Lugnut was a reject from a Ragollian army sector and left to do janitorial duties on Pioneer 2. One day while doing his duties, Lugnut found a keycard that granted him access to all parts of the ship. He still bore the Whitill ID upon his chest and was able to join the Hunter's Guild under his alias (Lugnut, his real name was simply a code, such as what you see in the Secret Delivery Caves quest). Eventually, he'd become a skilled freelance ranger and brought in plenty meseta to fund his new lifestyle. Unforunately, a darkness came to Ragol, and when the Ancient Ruins were discovered, Lungut took on a high-paying mission to gather information about what was going on in this mysterious place. Unfortunately, Lungut would never return from the Ruins. To this day, his wherabouts are unknown. However, sources have reported a RAcast of similar description, doubling as a lounge singer in Pioneer's vast lobbies...

Mystique was a FOnewearl born of astonishing potential. She attended some of the more prestigious schools for newman forces throughout her early years in life. During this time, she fine tuned her skills in all aspects of techniques. Being the clever individual that she was, Mystique happened upon a book of ancient knowledge that her professor had been studying during the break hours between classes. This is where Mystique discovered the arts of Megid. Megid was a dark spell, and was never taught to any newmans that weren't ready for the most of advanced courses. However, due to Mystique's prowess, she memorized the technique and perfected it several times on her sneak visits to the surface of Ragol. It was during these times in which she was most happy. Eventually, she decided to leave her school and become a member at the Hunter's Guild. She was definately not your typical FOnewearl. She equiped herself with a Photon Claw (which she acquired from her school) and aligned herself with many rouge Hunters. She enjoyed the profits that the Guild brought her. Yet, there was always a lingering desire within her... especially when she fought deep in the Mines. When she wasn't fighting, she was researching the dark energy and it's origins. Upon venturing in the Anicent Ruins, she would soon meet her fate. The esteemed Dark Falz stood face to face with the young newearl and beckoned her. Caught by her own lust to join the dark existence, Mystique gave herself to Falz, and thus perished from the universe.

While Mute doesn't have much of a story, I can use him to explain how I got this blasted alias that I use today. ;) It was during my second return to PSO that I found myself keyboardless (naturally, I hadn't been playing PSO, and thought I'd never return, so I traded in my keyboard >_<). I had found a really cool group of people known as the LPSO (or Legit PSO Club). One of their members, known as Angel of Enders, started referring to me as Mute one day. The other person there, STAR (or known as Bonnie Vanguard to you GameFAQers) liked the name and continued to call me Mute as well. Ever since then, the name kinda stuck, so I began using it at all my PSO sites. As for the RAmar Mute, he's basically my perverted (well... not THAT perverted... but I do like to follow HUnewearls) drunken persona all packed into one character. Unfortunatly, I lost him when I tried getting on Version 2 and the key was faulty. Yep, I converted him to V2 and he was lost forever...

Octane was my recuperation from losing Mute. Octane was a HUcast built with ancient programming that enabled him to be one of the fastest adapting Hunters ever seen. Under must speculation, Octane's model was revealed to a Ragollian military strike general as an assassin. The reason for the specualtion was the programming, which differed greatly from the standard assassin machines. Unforuntalely, Octane failed the test, when he showed sympathy for a Rappy and did not slay the beast. He was immediately marked for termination and was stored in a processing facility. Octane did not understand why he was receiving such punishment, and planned his escape. On the eve of his destruction, Octane found his escape from the facility and ended up on Pioneer 2 as a reconaissance droid for a famous Hunter. Eventually Octane left his employer and went into work for himself. All the while, the poor droid pondered his existance and, what was to be, his extinction. It was one morning in the forests of Ragol, that Octane slayed a barbarous creature and found a mysterious blade in it's wake. Before he knew it, Octane unlocked the very reason for his existence and unsheathed the great sword Zoke. Finally understanding his anicent programming, Octane invested all his meseta into a sword training dojo within Pioneer 2. To this day, the droid has trained some of the finer Hunters on Gal Da Val Islands.

Episode II Characters
Coming soon...
Well I got version one in its earlier days , but due to the fact that I have and had a Cable Internet connection, I could never get online...But ill tell you my chars on v1 anyway, never did pick up v2...

(Version 1)
Azure - Humar (Pinkal) lvl 100 [black costume, pale blonde spikey hair]
Azure lead a solitary life pretty much, he was always alone being the fact that he never got to go online. At the time I really didnt think of section Id and mag and such stuff like that being that i was inexperienced in character creation. Of course Azure was more of Mage type spell caster, using lvl 30 techs most of the time that I found (cause he was pinkal). To this day he still lays dormant in my Special edition Sonic mem card. He has no past , and his future never came. Although he did somehow find his way on to another version....

(Episode I&II)
(Shojin) - Humar (Redria) lvl 149 [Purple Costume, Tan, Pale blonde Spikey Hair, Green Eyes.]
Shojin was my first char on Ep I&II. Not the social type, he typically hunts alone, or if he is in a game he doesnt speak much. As with Eclipse, Shojin is a Light - Hearted warrior and tends to carry his self-crafted Dark Flow and use the special to clear enemies in a blinding flash of light. Other weapons he carries is his trusty Double Cannon and Charge Gatlings for up close and distant battle. As with many other hunters, he joined the hunters guild in search of money and belonging.....

(Eclipse} - Fonewm (Yellowboze) lvl 110 [Orange Costume, Fair Skined, Pale Blonde Spikey Hair, Blue eyes.]
Having missed lvl 30 techs, I decided to make a Fonewm and well thats how Eclipse got started. I consider him somewhat of a continuation Of Azure back on v1 Seeing as they both have fairly well Atp and Mst and attack/cast in the same style. Eclipse Is very open with people, true to himself and others, and tries to be on the Light Side of things. He often use grants in lower difficulties, seeing as its his favorite tech. When hes not casting hes usually tearing up enemies with an ECLIPSE TWIN and HOLY RAY along with a SOUL EATER (Searching for a SOUL BANISH). When hes casting he use PROPHETS OF MOTAV for ult, and HILDEBEARS(Coolest lookin cane ever beigebiggrin.gif) for lower difficulties. You can check on my post at The Eclipse Legacy for more of a backround on Eclipse...

Version 1

MetalGriever - Warrior of an ancient society of assassins reborn as a HUcast.

Version 2

Yggdrasil V2 - One half of MetalGriever's core consciousness. The half that was noble and kind.

DarkEpyon - The other half of MetalGriever's core consciousness. A demented, bitter machine that lusted for power and did whatever it took to get it. Became intrigued by the powers of an entity known as the "void" which proved to be his undoing.

Version 3

ZEOTA - Her father had been killed before she was born, and her mother died just hours after giving birth. It was then, that a mysterious cult leader had taken her in and given her the name ZEOTA, though it wasn't the one given to her by her late mother. Of the 12 children there, Zeota was the most lively of the bunch, even though she had no parents. She was extremely intelligent and had an insatiable thirst for knowledge that surpassed the others. She also had a very strong sense of justice, and believed that the cult's methods were far too extreme. Torture sessions ranging anywhere from heavy beatings to electric shocks had become an almost daily occurance for absurd things as being late for school or talking out of turn. Yet in spite of all this, her heart had brimmed with love and compassion.

During one instance, she had helped a friend of hers escape from a small cell that was used to hold someone before being tortured. Two cult members had arrived to detain the children. During the struggle, her friend had been shot to death. In a violent rage, Zeota had managed to incapacitate both guards. However she too would be knocked unconscious by the reinforcements. When she came to, she found herself strapped to a bed completely naked. In retribution for the jailbreak, Zeota's left eye was violently removed, thus the eye patch she wears to this very day.

Soon after this incident, she had managed to escape from the cult, and like so many others, joined the hunter's guild to make a better life for herself. During her stint at the hunter's academy, she trained very dilligently, as if possessed by some sort of demon. Dispite being one of the tallest newmen in her class, she was incredibly strong yet agile, and could take a good deal of abuse. Those years of torture had made her skin incredibly tough. In spite of her lack of an eye, her other senses had increased dramatically. Her mission was to become strong enough so that she may one day strike back at those that had done her wrong.
once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away.. -.O erk, hmmm ~ heh, wrong reality; alright, here's the real deal.. beigesmile.gif

eclypse ~ soul of the wyld..

"lovely, i know my course lies beyond here & yet, this new world is too intriguing to simply travel by; perhaps there are job openings for your's truly.." eclypse smirked to her digital companion as her transport hovered nearby the towering Pioneer 2. starlights glittered from her pilot's view, such a contrast from her advanced control & head's up display; her white spunky hair flared high above her ~ she waited in silence to gain clearance to arrive & land at one of Pioneer 2's starports.

if you do so, then they shall request a testimonial of your past ~ her digital companion, NyA - stated soothingly in neutral overtones..

"of course.." eclypse waved that aside ~ the thought of reliving her past did not appeal to her ~ especially when she tried to leave such dark times behind her. she flinched, but remained impassive beneath her lasered head gear, her right gloved hand gripped the throttle firmer.. eclypse sighed, "very well ~ Nya, record.."


"where to begin.." eclypse paused, took a deep breath & continued, "i am eclypse ~ hunter for hire, specialist in firearms & battle tactics.. hmmm, my past is complex ~ little do i know, even more that i care not to.. i was born with no past, no parents to call my own, no family nor the life of happiness; quite the opposite really..

"the first moments were both cold & harsh ~ i awake to what seemed to be a tube at a laboratory, on the world ~ Alpha379-8; this was no ordinary world, this was one where advanced experiments took place.. from what i discovered, this hidden outpost was forged by survivors from a distant world known as, Earth.. feh, just a name i suppose ~ but one that still haunts me from time to time, for it was these people that created me - soley for the purpose of developing an ideal war machine..

"i was their pinnacle achievement, or so they originally thought ~ emotionless, lethal & precise in all manner of war tactics; i was the first that succeeded the many years of research & failed attempts.. who knows where my lineage comes from, if i had any at all.. =. the details of my abilities remain somewhat of a mystery, only to say that i have a gift for survival, to live even against the harshest of climates & the worst of adversaries.. this was proven once they trained me during the first years..

"progress was made & my creators were impressed with the results ~ i followed every command to the letter, even if it went beyond morals.. i learned to be cold & heartless towards to all that stand in my way ~ at the time, i had no will of my own.. -.- that is, until that fateful day..

"electrical energy can be beneficial, touching it is not ~ an accident occured during a training expedition during a powerful rainstorm; i was struck by a bolt of lightning ~ they scanned for vitals, i survived ~ but was forever changed; my soul was born & soon after, i began to question this & that.. such is NOT what my creators expected, nor welcomed..

"a flawed experiment is a failed experiment ~ in final judgment, they attempted to permanently destroy me; they failed ~ their entire outpost suffered at my wrath, no survivors - all had perished at my hand.. in that instance, i felt remorse ~ even regret; such emotions i have never known, surfaced like a painful waterfall.. i left in sadness, vowing never to be like my creators again.."

silence fell ~ eclypse looked as if she would speak further, when a voice echoed ~ bringing her back to the now - welcome to Pioneer 2, you have clearance to land at starport #2 ~ enjoy your stay.. *beep*

a touching tale ~ NyA said.. eclypse remained silent & both eclypse & NyA flew to land at starport #2..
Wow. I've had so many temporary characters that it'd be hard to write a story that connects them all but when I think of something, I'll put it here. Expect the Alternate Realiy deal to play a part in the story. [X-Box Universe, GC Universe]
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