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Full Version: Something to look forward to on Monday afternoons
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Given the recent cartoon posts, I thought I'd introduce something that some of you have probably seen before and loved or hated.

I suggest watching Strong Bad's e-mails. Those are hillarious. But for starters, click "First Time Here," and watch the introduction video of the site's flagship character allow the paragon of stupidity flow through himself. :D
strong bad is ok, but truly it's all about the cheat. coach z too.. jooooooorrrbbb.
I haven't been there in a while. Homestar's got the brain of a peanut. Dunno what Marzipan sees in that guy. I wonder if StrongBad ever uses those boxing gloves.
Homestar may have the brain of a peanut, but I think Marzipan should be flattered if the same was said about her. Have you ever seen the skit called "Where's the Cheat?" The one with the veggie burger? She thinks it talks!!

I think the best part of said skit has to be Homestar's little dance when he whines to her about putting it down. I love Strong Bad. He'll give Marzipan ONE MILLION punchesintheface!

The Cheat's cool, too.
The Cheat is was cooler than Strong Bad.

The Cheats so bad ass, with his gold tooth and his bust of Van Buren

Everyone is scared fo the cheat, Just watch the SB e-mail of SB bowing down to him and telling him how all the e-mails are for him.

The Cheat owns
No doubt about it, the Cheat is the best character in that whole thing.
I am Homestar fan through and through. Everything about that guy cracks me up.
Good news - There is a new Answering Machine Message! I love those but they hadn't done one in ages. The best part is when Homestar mistakes a message from Marzipan and chews her out. HAHAHAHAH!!!!! Simply great.
I just love the latest Strong bad E-mail, I couldn't stop laughing at one point

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