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Full Version: ~selling used games.. ^^
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~curious, which video game store(s) would take used games for a good price? =. i'm dedicating time this week for a serious purging of older games that i no longer play, nor want.. all leads appreciated, thanks.. =)
Everytime I have sold (tried to sell) back games, I am astonished at how LITTLE they give you. It's like 75% off of what the cost is new. Although, I have only ever tried GameStop, but I bet EBGames is the same.
Have you thought about posting your games here and selling them to us AT folks? You win, cause you get a better $$ return... we win cause we get a game at a discounted price from someone we trust! Now the drawback is that you would be giving out your name and address to a stranger, but you could be choosy in the person/people you sell to. Give it some thought...

rather than sell them, trade 'em. i use . you list all the things you have and can search for who wants it, or wait for someone to propose a trade to you. i've swapped many a game i no longer play and have received games that i wanted and never picked up, or even hard to find out of print games.

The JadeDragon
If you try to sell used games, you aint gonna get shit for em. The best way to get rid of older games you no longer what is to trade them in for credit at a gamestore. Local game stores always give you more in credit than say an EB or Gamestop. There is a place called GameCrazy here in Vegas that I always go to because they give me damn good trade in value. Of course you aren't gonna get 50 bucks in trade in value...but if you have good/new games, you can get anywhere from 20-30 bucks from it. That dosen't seem like much for something you paid 50 bucks for, but its better than the 10 you will get by selling it...
If you can wait the extra few weeks to get the money, you might be better of selling them on eBay. Most stores won't give you jack shit for trade-ins.

Also, game trading sites are good too, but if you are trying to get a "rare" game, the people will be pretty anal about how much they will trade it for, even if its not worth that much.
I tend to go for E-bay or EBgames. EBgames sometimes has some pretty cool trade in deals. For instance, the one near here had a trade in 2 used games, get a new one free (for the same system.) I traded in two BAD Ps2 games and got Guilty Gear X2.
QUOTE (Afroforce @ Nov 29 2003, 09:13 AM)
I traded in two BAD Ps2 games and got Guilty Gear X2.

You'll have to be more specific.

There's a lot of those types of games floating around on PS2.


--(Rarely trades if ever....)
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