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Full Version: Up up to the sky!
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hey hey big AT welcome to FlyRobinFly beigebigeek.gif

I'm glad you found us, make yourself at home wassup.gif
Greetings and Salutations.
Holy cow, I've been spotted! beigebigeek.gif

Thanks for the warm welcome, Dive - Cool place you have going on here. I've seen AT mentioned countless times over at the cow, so I figured I'd better check it out (and maybe actually post something for a change - egads am I a lurking freak)

I can't believe how many familiar faces I'm seeing from PSO & the cow around here... ah, those were good times. I'm dying to get in on this FFXI action, but sadly it looks like I'm going to have to wait for the PS2 version to be released before I can join in on the goblin beating or job subbing or whatever it is that you actually do in this game (jobs? chocobos? I need me a FAQ or something on the FF universe). Hopefully everyone won't be burned out on it by the time March rolls around beigebigrazz.gif

Sweet smileys, by the way boo.gif
Ello, and well met.
Nice to meet you. Hope to see you in the game.
It's been far FAR too long.
Whether he knows it or not, Fly was my very first PSO buddy. beigesmile.gif
Let's hope you post around here a little bit more than you did at the cow. *poke poke*

btw - There are a few people who are waiting until the PS2 release of FFXI, so have no fear. There are also a number of us who aren't getting the game at all... so be sure to check out more than just the FFXI section.
*AHEM!!!*thatgoesfortherestofyoutoo. beigesmile.gif
It has been quite some time. Ah, the ver1 days. Welcome aboard.
whoa. a face from the past. welcome to our corner (or should i say acre?) of the internet.

<-- IVI
OMG its flyrobinflyrobinflyrobin!! beigebiggrin.gif

Nice to meet you.
Woah, thanks everyone!

*overwhelmed* beigebigeek.gif

Chimaera, Knightsword, Camulus - Pleased to meet you. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see you in FFXI at some point.

Everyone else - It's great to see y'all again. Life's a grind without a regular fix of dancing robots and 5-minute smiley DJ animations and obscure Ys references.

UNIT!!! I can't believe that I have yet to see the legendary green robot rendered in v3 glory. Do you still play regularly? Someone needs to finagle you onto FFXI, dernit... get with the program and sell a kidney or some plasma or something. Pirate VirtualPC and play it at 0.5fps if you have to beigebigrazz.gif
Holy snap, I don't think I've seen Flyrobinfly since....PSOv2 days or about an old timer.

Glad to see you made your way over here beigesmile.gif
Oh Fly...
These are troubled times. beigelaugh.gif
I still play the PSO fairly regulatly, but I have cut down alot since we have lost so many.
Also, I am not on FFXI. I am a Mac / Xbox / GC person. So in the words of the great and wonderful Mute, "HA! You have all the wrong stuff!!"
If I can finagle a PS2 somehow... I have a jar of quarters that I am filling up as we speak... then maybe. The PS2 is a good option for me because there is the whole RE: Online thing that I am jazzed about. Course that [i]another[/] damn console though...
Anyway... I got side tracked... Fly, it's great to see/read you again. I hope you *cough*post*cough* a bit.

btw - The Dreamcast cam is .. um ... a bit dull. I liked the birdcage cam a bit more. beigesmile.gif
Fly wuzza!!!
do you still talk to blak? i have spoken to him in ages
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