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Full Version: Strangest food concauctions
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This was brought on by a topic in another board I visit from time to time.

It reminded me of the time I made a sandwich out of chocolate syrup and Doritos when I was like 11 or 12.

So what's the strangest food you guys ever made?
peanut butter and syrup on flat bread.
I remember in elementary school, we used to mix virtually every ingredient possible to make special "recipes," which we'd dare other kids to try. I tried one once, I believe. The mixture contained meat, gravy, apple sauce, and a green vegetable. It was a very long time ago, so you'll have to excuse me for forgetting some of the details.
Angel of Enders
I made a peanut butter and mustard sandwich when I was kindergarden then put it in the toaster and ate it. I believed I vomitted that same day.
I put BBQ sauce on vanilla ice cream before.

Don't even ask.
Raisen or Cinnamon Bread + Peanut Butter + Carrot Slices = What I ate like every day in elementary school beigeroll.gif
I never really ate weird food. Unless I do an don't know it.. Let's just say, French Dressing goes with everything.

Oh wait and once I ait a Penut Butter, Jelly, Fluf, Baloney, Salami, Ham, Cheese, Mustard and Katchup sandwich.

And it was so yummy that I wish I wasn't lazy and would make myself a new one.

Plus, eating it got me 5 bucks. Bet's are cool!
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