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Full Version: Jacko busted!
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As I'm sure you're all aware, Michael Jackson was arrested and posted his $3M bail.

So, you think they'll convict him? Think he should go to the usual "country clubs" that celebs usually wind up in?

I say if they DO convict his ass, they send him to the worst possible maximum security prison and stick him in a cell with some of the meanest and nastiest (and horniest) possible convicts. You can see where I'm going with that, right?

I don't deny the guy's talent, but that doesn't give you carte blanche to do the shit he does. He'll probably go to jail, but for only a few months. When you think about it, this nation has a real double standard with its justice system and how it handles celebrities.

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the only reason he's not rotting in jail already is because of the out of court settlement to the tune of $30 million the last time this happened. c'mon, if he was so innocent, why settle out of court? i hope the pedophile is ass raped with a shiv in prison.
Angel of Enders
I honestly wish people would just mind their own business and leave him the hell alone.

They've been trying to get him for the same crap for years. He's accused of being a pedo once and all of a sudden "OMFG MICHAEL RAPES CHILDREN!" I hate it how people always want to point fingers at people just because they don't follow what's considered normal.

Hell even a child rapist wouldn't get some 8mil bail. It's friggin ludicrous. Then isn't it a bit coincedental that they raid his house the day that his newest album drops when they say that he was being monitored for 3 months before they decided to move in?

I mean people don't even listen to the guy. He held his baby out of a balcony sure but hell he said he was holding on to it extremely tightly. Maybe it was stupid but it wasn't his intention to put his child in danger.

Is it so wrong to deny alligations that for all we know could've been false the whole time? And if he's telling the truth, maybe you should look at yourself and think if the media truly is dependable for information.

And if it is true, so friggin what? Let him get his jail time and let him repent for his own actions. There's no need to hound him for every little thing he does because nobody's perfect and we don't know what goes through their minds and how it's caused.
big difference between "nobody's perfect" and being a goddamned pedophile the "man" (if you can call him that) is sick in the head. 12 year old boys? it's just gross, man. even if he isn't having sex with them, he admitted on tv to sleeping with them, sharing pjs, etc. that's inappropriate no matter how rich and eccentric one is.
Angel of Enders
But he gets the permission of the parents, he dosen't just find random kids and ask him to sleep in his house. With all the media attention he gets, I really doubt he'd be THAT stupid to try something knowing damn well he'd be busted for it in a heartbeat.

It's only inappropriate anyway because kids are SOOOOOOO sacred and pure nowadays that anything bad against them is a crime against humanity. They're even more sacred when the parents are nitwits.
~whether or not he is loved by many is irrelevant - the law is the law, regardless of celebrity status.. =. one would think after the first incident, he would learn not to follow the path again - the entire "let's have kids sleep over at my neverland ranch" scenario somehow doesn't feel right.. i recall seeing the recent pics of him several weeks prior - all i could think of is how ghastly he looks, like one that is either dying or extremely twisted..


either way, i could care less - i gots more important things to focus on & this twisted singer's karmic fetish with children is not one of them...if the written law fails to deliver justice by his financial bribery, then most certainly his soul will be judged according to his works when he departs the world; should he be found guilty, then no amount of money can hope to save his fate.. =.
i don't care how much you like "thriller", the man is a sick motherfucker. parental permission is irrelevant. the fact of the matter is the man has a problem. this isn't zimbawee or some country where 12 year olds are allowed to decide whom they wish to fraternize with. if wacko jacko just HAD to have little boys, he should have at least had the common sense to do it in thailand or mexico or some place where it's not so frowned upon. but even then it's still a disgusting, horrid thing to do. as for the parents, they should be shot too for letting their children "play" at neverland in hopes of getting kick backs, hush money or a lawsuit. disgusting all around. the world is a sick place, as are any who defend jackson.
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