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Full Version: ~celebrities as gamers?? =?
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~ok, so i'm sitting through another episode of G4 - a show that is called, Player$...& finally, i snap at this lunacy.. i'm looking at these celebrities that say that they are gamers.. i can tell in the span of a heartbeat that there is grade A BS being promoted by this channel; almost as if G4 is using these celebrities as a money-making gimic to bring the crowd in..

like, OMG - these celebrities are gamers, oh how i wish i could play games like them.. =D


i have only this to say of these so-called celebrities - FOOLS!! Oo

i do not see the thousand-yard stare, i don't see them speaking praise of the golden age of gaming & i sure as *beep* don't see these people speaking any stories that would make sense to a true gamer..

grrr.. *fumes* >=.

i am so sick to death of seeing celebrities proclaiming that they are veterans like those that hold that honor for truth.. sniperer.gif all i say is bewarned ~ G4 is pulling glamour where it is not welcomed...i would like to see this channel speak about games, not about how this celebrity plays this game - so you, yourself should get this game.. *exasperated expression, waves hands in air* Oo


am i wrong ~ doesn't anyone else see the madness? apparently my definition of a gamer is not what it once was, or is.. many might not easily realize it, but gamers are those that have fought & struggled through many digital hardships & have triumphed...& i'll tell you this, after playing ~ it's like returning home from vietnam, we acquire the thousand yard stare.. Oo but instead of Joe (who only comes out of his house to eat, then goes home to play EQ 23 hours of the day..), we have only celebrities broadcasted like one of the hobbits, or adult film stars; all i have to say to this is - W.T.F.?? -.@

a gamer is not a dabbler, but one that delves deep into the game ~ like a window to other worlds far beyond here & when i look into the eyes of these so-called celebrity gamers, i am not convinced - not in the least..

if there are others here that can understand what i'm saying, then give me a HELL THE "F" YA!! at-emote1.gif
Yea, i'm with you on this. It really is just a tool to get the masses to buy games because some "famous" person plays it as well. "DUDE, I played PS2 4 lyfe, I r Hardcore GAMER." To be honest, if you played games for 1 month or 10 years, in either time frame you can become a devout gamer. As you said "a gamer is not a dabbler, but one that delves deep into the game ." To me, the time doesn't have to reflect how much of a gamer you are. I watch movies, but I wouldn't consider myself a movie buff(or insert some fancy french word here). There are those who play games just for a good time(we all do, really), but there are those who are little deeper into games.

The bright side is that, the gaming market expands to create a new potenial "gamer 4 life," but I don't want to see games begin to degrade on a cheap level of just going with the what's hot. Just like movies and music, you get your blantant use of cheap marketing tactics to fluff an otherwise mediocore product. As they try to make games more mainstream, games also take on a "mainstream" persona.

Lucikly it is the creativity and quality that makes great games stand out from the crowd. If any sort of marketing degredation takes place on a large scale, games that aren't solid are just straight up boring after awhile. Meaning, they can try to market games to appeal to the masses and dumb them down that way, but over time the shallow material will equate to massive bordem and the real gems will shine amongst the grand marketing trash heap.
I agree wholeheartedly. For me games are a way of emersing myself into a story, but instead of imagining it, I live it. Not only that, but for some people it's a way to escape their life for a while. So for some it maybe just be entertainment, for others it is a way of life. I for one play a game not only for the fun I get out of it, but also for the story, as well as the chance to feel and understand the message one tries to explain through a game. For me I only experience this in RPGs but others may be able to feel the same about other games. So if they're just trying to advertise a game, it shames me to think there would be people that do that. And unless they can confess to delving deeper into games, I could hardly call them "true gamers". Instead I would call them what we gamers would portray them as,"n00bs". Ahem, to put it in short...HELL THE "F" YA!!
~exactly.. at-emote1.gif & just when i had time to reflect, i learn that the Spike TV television channel is holding the Spike TV Video Game Awards this upcoming December 4th - with the same muffinhead group of celebrities hosting & promoting the flipping event.. Oo


video game awards, how positively know, for video game awards, i would expect to see video game designers, producers, testers & programmers of our favorite games host the event.. as i looked at the promotional commercial, i ask myself ~ ummm, what does Jenna Jameson have to do with video games? "hardcore gamers like.." & i'm sitting there thinking to myself ~ ms. jenna, you seem to be "hardcore" at other things, but video games is not one of them; sorry dear sister, but i'm not convinced.. ^^'

*ponders* i pray for a day that celebrities would compete in video game competitions in times to come; i would be the first one in line to hand their "skills" back to them on a silver platter.. but yah, for those that get the Spike TV channel - keep an eye out for this; i tell you this, if Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't make an appearance at this hollywood "glamour" fest, then that's a sure sign that hell has frozen over.. Oo

~here's a link - Spike TV Oo
DivA, all I can say is ... America = Trista and Ryan - Four hour wedding.
That's what we, the TV public, crave.
Complete and utter bullshit.

And, don't forget, that Spike TV is their answer to Lifetime. So be sure to expect every chick to be in a bikini while handing out those 'awards'.
It might be fun just to watch how many 'awards' GTA 3 gets. Put your hip waders on now, kids. It's going to get deep in here.
For the most part I can't stand G4, because like many I think its utter bs, hence the reason I prefer to watch TechTV, it may not be all about games but at least I'll learn something and the verious show hosts seem to be real people, unlike G4 in which everyone seems to be to perfect and I doubt they could care a bit about games other then what they need to get that pay check.
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