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Full Version: ~debate #3.. ^^
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~here's an interesting read - why Nintendo won't grow up..

~it would seem that this reveals 2 possible paths in the video gaming industry - either the folks at Nintendo are really confident of their future or this is indicative of a shift of power in favor of big business.. Sony & Micro$oft are preparing for the great showdown of the next gen ~ with the way things are headed, what be the predictions for Nintendo's future? do you think they have a chance or shall they be the next to follow SEGA's fate?

granted, Shigeru Miyamoto is GOD when it comes to innovation ~ there's no denying that, but games & the industry are becoming big business - big business means more acceptance to a wider range of audiences, including of late, Nintendo is getting the "we design games for little kids" rep; perhaps at some level, this is true - but there's no denying that the games they make sell well..


however, there are elements that Nintendo is greatly over-looking ~ online gaming for one & Sony's crusade, & with the PSP around the corner to cut into gameboy's dominion - this shall make for interesting times to witness in the upcoming months.. =.
I found the article to be quite vauge when it came to addressing the issue at hand. I think one problem is that they mentioned Nintendo being the "Disney" of games, but being the "Disney" of games would be a great thing. The issue here is that the child geared image of Nintendo is hurting them, yet Disney isn't considered for children, it is considered FAMILY entertainment. If anything, family movies have some of the largest grossing sales. A family movie is not just for the kids, but for the whole frekin' family.

Video games have heavy stereotypes attached to them. Gory, bloody, violent etc. We know this isn't always true, so anything that isn't like that, can be considered to be geared for kids.

1. Nintendo MUST go online if they want to be a dominant force.
2. Changing their image from child to adult is not the issue, they need to change their image from child to family oriented. I really can't see Miyamoto creating a Resident Evil game. Their staple character is anything but adult, although mario can be very family oriented and not really child oriented.
nintendo is great, but unless changes occur, i dont see them competing with the business powerhouses that are sony and microsoft. sega couldn't compete with the "big Business", maybe nintendo will, but sony developing this PSP thing has got to have nintendo shitting bricks, 'cuz the GB has always been their ace in the hole... will sony pull the rabit out of nintendo's proverbial hat? stay tuned...
dude theres no way psp will compete with gba considering it gonna launch at $250-$299 ....................
If it's fun, why not? Resident evil type stuff can be cool, but so is a game of Mario Party with 3 other friends.

And I do agree that if Nintendo still wants to have a strong influence, they need to go online with more than just PSO.
I'd imagine they still think the kids they hooked with the first Mario back in 85/86 are the same as they were back then. Their games have grown increasingly kiddish. This is the main reason I ditched the N64 in 1997. That, and the fact a lot of the big 3rd party developers (which were really their bread and butter) had turned away from Nintendo in favor of Sony's system.

I will admit that Nintendo is king when it comes to innovations. That may be the only thing that can save them.
QUOTE (Alisha @ Dec 1 2003, 10:25 AM)
dude theres no way psp will compete with gba considering it gonna launch at $250-$299 ....................

thats a pretty hefty pricetag! i couldn't see paying 300$ for a handheld ps1
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