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Full Version: Raiders: AFC Champions!
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dude, the AFC championship was great to watch!

after a very close first half, Steve McNair and the titans were steam rolled by the raiders in the second half, after a huge fumble recovery on a kick off, the raiders recovered and never looked back. even after giving up SIX first downs in penalties, the raiders still could not be stopped.

so next sunday the big dance takes place. my superbowl prediction was half right... minus phili. seeing Bill Calahan vs. Gruden should be intresting, concidering last year they were both Raiders coaches. i think the raiders will really be trying to show gruden he made a mistake leaving so soon. that will be the X-Factor that will give them an edge over Tampa.

the raiders haven't been to the superbowl in 20 years! its their time baby, Go Raiders!!


Raider Nation 4 Life!
It was a great game, the Raiders slaughtered the Titans bazooka.gif

The Super Bowl should be really exciting too, a couple top notch teams battling it out.

Go Raiders!! buttrock.gif
Go Tampa Bay Raiders!!! (lol, I know that's not a real team)...seriously though, I'm going for whichever team has the most points at the end of the fourth quarter or overtime. buttrock.gif rotflol.gif
Man what the hell is with all these pirate teams? How come there are no ninja-themed teams?
lol... you and your pirates crush, i think you secretly love the whole pirate theme.


you should email the jets about your ninja-theme idea. lord knows the "jets" is a cheesey ass theme.

the New York Ninjitsu? beigelaugh.gif
How do you guys feel about Tampa winning? I was happy that my team won, me living in Florida and all... rotflol.gif
well ripper id have too say i feel prety shyty about the TB Yucks winning it was a lame superbowl i don't know what was up with the raiders just living up to there Chokeland rep. guess o well my team wasent in the bowl so its all good i guess

GO COWBOYS parcell is the man war.gif
I was taking a memory lane tour of past topics and I ran across this one.
Football? I thought. Cool!
My wife and I watch football all the time and are seriously jazzed for the season to start.
She's a Tamba Bay Buccs fan so she was psyched that they won the SuperBowl. I am a Broncos fan so I was just happy to see the Raiders loose. btw - Romo kicks some serious ass, yes, but you guys get to try to keep that grenade under control. beigelaugh.gif

Bring on the new season!
football indeed!

doh, a bronco's fan?!?!? gasp!

i to am looking forward to next season, i am very exited about some of the new talent the raiders have picked up this year.

though i cannot vouch for you and your wife's team choices scu, good to see some fellow pigskin fans about the site beigesmile.gif
I spent almost all day yesterday watching the games on T.V. The Giants/Rams game wasn't too bad and the Dolphins/Texans game was quite the shocker. I also caught the late nighter of Raiders vs. Titans. All I can say is, Steve McNair has got to be one of the top QB's in the league.

Anyways, as bandwagonish as this sounds, I'm a Buccaneers fan. I have been for quite some time though... and I live in the Tampa Bay area as well. ;p
I also follow the Rams and the Bears pretty closely. Most of my favorite sporting teams are from St. Louis (I was born and bred a Cardinals baseball fan), so I can't really go hating on the Rams, even though I'm a Bucs fan.
I guess I'm the only one who isn't too crazy about football (let alone sports in general). My parents on the other hand, love the stuff.
Vikes owned the Packers, great way to start the season!

Maybe we need a proper NFL thread?
QUOTE (Dive @ Sep 8 2003, 09:42 PM)
Maybe we need a proper NFL thread?

I'm all for that. I love talking football. ;p
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