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When you visit ATHQ, do you...

Only look at the Latest Threads and if nothing looks interesting or new, leave?

or do you...

Click on the Forums link on the Portal and look through the forums manually to see if there is anything you missed?

I am just curious and considering making the Latest Threads show 20 instead of 15.

I already changed it from only 10 just recently.

I try to remind people of this from time to time. In the upper right corner of the site, there is a link to My Assistant. What this does is allow you to search and view all posts made since your last visit.
depends on how much time i have. i'll check latest threads usually. or jump to the ffxi or general areas to see if i missed anything.
When I have time, I use My Assistant. When I don't, I use the portal.
The JadeDragon
I click on the forums thingy on the left hand side of the homepage. Then I look through the FF11 section. Then if I see something new in another section(like this topic for example) I go and look through that...
I check out the Latest Threads area to see what's new. But, often even if there is nothing new, I go into the forums anyway and poke around. Sometimes I see old stuff that I missed and post to that. I never use the My Assistant but I am a special case. My job allows me full time 'net access. So, if anyone wonders why my name seems to be always up, it's because I usually leave a browser open to the AT while I work. Gotta love the gig of RAM!
Dive, I would keep it at 15. The list is really large as it is. 20 might make it look overwhelming and turn people off of even trying to use it.
i usually dig through the archives, unless i have allready visited earlier in the day then ill just use the latest topics bar to check what has been posted since.

i never really checked out the assistant...

*clicks it*
When I'm at work I mostly use the latest threads and at home I tend to do the same. I think you should keep the list at 15 too, for the same reasons as SCU
Usually I visit the forums frequently enough that I can simply use the Latest Threads list to navigate and not miss anything. If I've been away for a while, then I might check the forums manually... but I usually only do that if I'm looking for a specific (older) thread.

Despite the seemingly incredible usefulness of My Assistant... I pretty much never use it. >.>;
Um, I tend to manually go through things, Some of the older topics look good...
Umm....what Afro said.




As I probably mentioned to you before, I'm not much of a forum person....too many bad experiences tend to halt your postings for awhile. But that doesn't mean a thing here, really. I use my normal methods....just click on the forums option and manually go through each section....I like reading older threads sometimes....

--Capping an ender to something I'm just now getting around to trying is always fun....
I use latest threads. If I see that among the latest threads, alot of new posts are in that topic; I go check the forums manually to see what I might of missed. I think upgrading to 20 would be a good idea.
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