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Full Version: FFX-2
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Just picked this up today, as a Christmas present I gave to myself early (lol >.>)

I actually kinda like the battle system, you have to keep doing something all the time, and trading off jobs in the middle of a fight makes it a little bit more flexible too.

Really fun game. I like the battle system. Only controlling three characters makes it easier to level up. But you still have to concentrate on leveling up your skills. Good storyline too.
I've actually gone through it once already, and got about 85% complete. I only saw the common ending though. This time I should see the good and best endings.

I suggest getting the strategy guide. It tells you what to do, and how to get 100% complete. It also tells you how to get the good and best ending, and just getting 100% complete doesn't let you see them automatically. You must do something at 2 points in the game to see them.
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