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Full Version: The Apocalypse Tribe.. =.
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~this is to all members of the ATHQ...out of curiosity, i was wondering the following - what does the Apocalypse Tribe mean to you? at-emote1.gif
I see the AT as big apartment building with an excellent roof top deck.
We all live here, but we all go off during the day to our repspective jobs / lives.
When we return at night we all like to gather 'round the deck and talk about all the cool things that happened to us during the day.
I consider AT my second family. This goes for everyone here, not just the "Official Roster Members". I have forged friendships here that are stronger than some real world relationships.

The AT is also a "Clan" for lack of a better word. A clan whose roots run deep and alliances that are unbreakable. A clan that is altruistic enough to share it's home with non-clan-members. A clan that goes to great lengths to help it's own as well as outsiders to ensure that everyone receives the very best.

To me, The Apocalypse Tribe means unity.

Hmm let's see...

Honor might be a good word.

I've been to other forums, and I have yet to see anything like the AT. Other places I've been, people have just gone psycho, for lack of better words. It's nice to know there's a place where I can say anything I want and people will care, ya know?

This is the only forum I post at anymore, but I'm happy being just here.
Unitself said it pretty well i guess,like many forums this is a place to share thoughts,stories etc,wether it be games to current events around the world to everything in between really.This is a better organised and controlled area,compared to the free for all of big sites like IGN or Gamefaqs,so i feel more at home here,more relaxed. teleport.gif
Lol, i'll be honest, when I first heard the name AT, I thought "Eh, sounds kinda scary. Is our goal to bring destruction to the world?"

Once you play with everyone, it becomes a totally different story.

AT is all about having an awesome gaming community, but more so then others. AT is far more focused and very tightnit. One could compare it to being like a family, but I'm not going to. I like to see it as being more of a brotherhood formed by circumstance. Kinda like war buddies, different then a family, not like a friend, but a bond that is difficult to break. I don't expect all the ATers to agree with that, but thats just the way I feel(and I know a few others too).

When it comes to the forum aspect, the highly selective nature of AT works to its favor. It keeps the lame brains out. That alone is one reason why the forum is a nice place to visit.

If this whole forum came to a crashing hault and we could never have a forum again, it wouldn't matter, we'd still game together. You can't find that in PSOW, heck it kinda happened on the 3rd AT forum.

I barely chat with alot of the ATers outside of the game and forum, but the fact that I stayed so long with them playing such a barebones game as PSO says alot. I barely create topics or post, yet any effort I get to play with the AT, i'm on it. So to me, AT is greater then just being a great online forum community.

There is a very close bond between me and some of the ATers, but alot different then that of a friend or family member. Best I can describe is like a close war buddy. We can play PSO and never say a word, yet have a good time.

The real issue is that there is a strong sense of trust in the community. Trust is what gets you through PSO and Cmode, and trust is the same reason i'm very close with many of the ATers, yet we barely chat much outside of the forum. I think that is what bonds alot of the ATers together.

I know a few of you never heard me say what i'm about to say(some of you have), but I don't understand the lack of motivation about playing with everyone. I look foward to playing with everyone on the forum, but have yet to do so. I feel that it is key to the AT community. Forums, topics, posts, you can get that at any forum, but playing with other ATs is what really brings me closest to them.

I know some people see AT as being a great forum/community, but like I said, if the forum died out, that would NOT stop us from playing together and that to me is what defines AT from being different from the rest.

I'm curious what other ATers have to say. I know it will be alot different; I expect it to be so.
AT represents Honor, Respect, Integrity and brotherhood, and for me a great, great sense of pride.

im very proud of the entire community. our entire forums are nearly 100% flame-free, everyone is free to speak their mind and oppinions are respected. yet these standards were never written in stone or spammed around the site. for that, Everyone here rocks buttrock.gif

on a deeper level, at-emote1.gif the guild shares a unique bond that has held us togeather through many-a-forum change and a few times of uncertainty.
i dont think much could break us apart short of the destruction of the internet. we are warriors, we are family, we are the apocalypse tribe!

im also quite intrested to see what forum members will become guild members.

trophy.gif at-emote1.gif trophy.gif

Quite a nice set of individual views on this matter, great topic DivA.

I am curious as to what your thoughts are on this subject, you can't make this topic and not give your input. beigebiggrin.gif
Im guessing I view AT as my cheesecake! Its like my guilty pleasure. Whenever I would game with you guys its like OMG this the greatest STUFF EVER MADE!!! and just like cheesecake I alawys want more after Im done. I view the forum as the milk or beverage that compliments the cheesecake. Making everything go down nice and smooth and oh so yummy! :D But its cool cause its like I can tell the cheese cake How much I love it then eat it! Then the cheesecake is all like cmon eat me! Then Im like okay. Then we both just sit back and ponder over all the possibilities of the world.


OMG now im hungrey for some cheesecake.... mog.gif
QUOTE (Dive @ Dec 11 2003, 02:11 AM)
I am curious as to what your thoughts are on this subject, you can't make this topic and not give your input. beigebiggrin.gif

~what does the ATHQ mean to your's truly? *reflects* the digital realm is an amazing thing, & with the advent of online gaming - the possibilities of who or what we desire to be become more accessible & acceptable, some would claim escapism but i would venture further to say mental liberation.. =. i have visited forums & have met many wonderful folks during my travels, & notice that similarities of our "RL" world are reflected here to some extent..

empires rise & fall, like dynasties of ancient China, & with these eyes - i see the makings of another that is on the rise, though i wish to add an element in hopes of preventing what ensnared others' downfall in times before.. =.

there is no question as to the grace of this forum ~ all that have participated & created its dominion have done well.. at-emote1.gif there are few forums in existence that have the character that this forum has & it is well earned, for many veterans are within its ranks.. ^^ the reason i created this thread is simple ~ communication, to better have an understanding of what we perceive this forum to be..


it is of no surprise that changes have emerged within the ATHQ, what was once a singular online game has now turned to several ~ the industry is changing to accomodate the demand of online gaming...while it's true that PsO shall be marked as the 1st truly successful online console game, that will change greatly in times ahead ~ no doubt about it.. =.

final fantasy online...this game sparks the change & in a sense, this is a good learning experience for the tribe ~ to help us not to get completely wrapped up in a singular element; also, to help us adapt to multiple games while holding the sense of unity that we all seem to cherish.. the downfall of other online communities always followed a similar pattern ~ lack of communication.. without communication, there is no balance & without balance, unwanted gossip & speculation emerge; if taken to extremes, then the foundation crumbles under its own weight ~ leading to an untimely end.. =.

to put it simply ~ i like the ATHQ & i am honored to know many of the folks here (& that includes Crushinator too *pokes* ;p) with all that is written in this thread, perhaps we can all put our worries to rest & move forward with our eyes open; for no matter what game we play, no matter how distant we may seem ~ we can always return home with a click of a mouse.. at-emote1.gif

note* - yah, i'm unorthodox ~ so what? ;)
The AT is also a "Clan" for lack of a better word. A clan whose roots run deep and alliances that are unbreakable. A clan that is altruistic enough to share it's home with non-clan-members. A clan that goes to great lengths to help it's own as well as outsiders to ensure that everyone receives the very best.

Gatta go with Dive on this one. Given the name "Apocalypse Tribe" it sounds like we're a group of people who survived the end of the world and use our strenghts combined to try and make things better, and not just of ourselves, but any misfortuinate ones we may come across.

In a sence yes, we are a family, when there is no where else to turn, we come to eachother.

What makes this place so great is that we never have any outsiders. Sure we come across people we don't know, but, as it has been seen by my own eyes (do to then growing number of people who've joined since I've been here, which is less than a year) we accept everyone.

In a sence we are how the world shold be.

::Create a new Religion, called the AT::

All hail us all!
The JadeDragon
Hmmm well I'll give my opinion as someone who is just a forum member and not a guild member...

I think this place rocks lol. I had heard once or twice about AT, but it was never anyone saying "Hey come to AT we kick ass", it was maybe just a mention here and there. I also prolly seen a link or something in people's sigs at different sites but i'm not the kinda person who spends alot of time paying attention to other people's sigs. The first time I came to the site was when all the FFXI hype started because it sounded like it had more FFXI info than Shotie's Arcade.

A few of the members I had known for a while and never even knew that they were members here. Wurm and Rogue were the main two that I knew from the Arcade. Some people like Crush I had only known of, but not known from PSO and PSOW. So when I registered for the forums...I thought it was cool to already know(and know of) a few people here. I wasn't sure of what people thought of me because in my earlier days I had been known as a menace at some other forums. I was once voted at PSOW(in a tie with a friend of mine Greg aka Gally) the most annoying member in one of their retarded little polls. I had also been known by visitors of The Arcade as a bit of an attitude problem/bitch or whatever else people called me.

With that being said...the day that made me really feel welcomed here was the day I got my LS pearl from Dive and Bryn. I had spoken to Dive on occasion here and at TA but we weren't really great friends. But when we met up in game so I could get a pearl, he and the other members he was with treated me no different than a guild member. I had never met Bryn let alone talked to her but she made a pretty long trip and even gave up her chocobo to give me a pearl. Now getting off your choco may not seem like much, but to someone like me who hasn't been around long it was a great feeling. She could have said...ehhh fuck this newbie bitch...i'm out. But she didn't...and that brings me to what AT means to me...

It's a place of friendly people who are willing to help out others. It's a place where when I click the link to the site in my fav's list...I don't have to worry about any drama, any problems or about being treated different because i'm not part of the "IN" crowd. So even though this is long and prolly don't make much sense to you's clear to me. The Tribe is a place online to call home. A place with friends who care and will help. So with that being said...I'd like to say thanx to Dive. Every time I had a question or comment...he was always quick with an answer or help, and that made me feel alot more welcome...

So like I said at the start...The Tribe rocks...
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