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Full Version: And you thought you were crazy
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By now, some of you have seen this, but for everyone else, some Japanese guy beat Super Mario 3 in 11 minutes! This fiend would beat Mega Man 2 in under 30 minutes!
I love the SMB3 video....the best parts are when he does those mad 1-up combos on the first tank, and how he owns Bowser with fireballs (I didn't even know you could do that!)

On the airship stage, when he would jump BACKWARDS to jump on the mole's heads just for the extra points, I literally screamed at my computer NOOO DON'T GO BACK YOU'LL FALL!

Good times.
I learned a lot just watching those two.
Wow simply amazing. The levels blew by so fast it looked like he never touched the ground in a few of them
Wow that's just amazing how easy he makes them look.
If there's any game this dude should try this on, it's MegaMan 3. That one has the most loopholes by far. Namely the "controller 2 super jump" trick, which can make you invincible till you picked up an energy capsule.
I don't think this "Morimoto" guy would need any of that invincible bullshit to clear MM3 without any problems. MM2 is much harder, and he bitchslapped that game.

I want to see this guy do videos of Ninja Gaiden (hell all 3 of them) and Metal Storm.
Holy crap that Mega Man 2 video was awesome. And Crush is right, that game is mad hard. Especially the Dr. Wily levels. Apparently he exploited some kind of bug from that suit that generates flying platforms. It seemed to zoom him over the entire screen a couple times. And that little pause trick he did on Bubble Man's stage was hilarious. On the boss fights, all I can say is that guy knows the patterns down to a friggin pixel on the screen. He seemed to be as close as you can possibly get at some points.

This really made me wanna play Mega Man 2 again, and luckily Capcom is releasing that Mega Man collection game soon. Should be some good times. ^^
Well, you COULD always emulate it. The ROM for that game isn't hard at all to obtain.
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