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Full Version: One year anniversary approaches.
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So we are closing in on ATHQ's one year anniversary. I would like to thank everyone who has registered here and supported the Apocalypse Tribe. The AT has been around for much longer than one year but this board has been our home for the past twelve months and continues to showcase the pinnacle of all that is AT.

Proper acknowledgement of course is given to Claymore/IVI for igniting the spark long ago and founding this grand assemblage. We have been through highs and lows, but have stuck together through it all with great unity. I look forward to many more great times with all of you in the future.


The JadeDragon
Congrats on the one year anniversary. I first heard of the Tribe once people at TA started talking about I haven't been a member very long, but I'm happy to be here...

Oh yeah! Go us! at-emote1.gif
~congrats... at-emote1.gif war.gif ~ & may blessings guide this forum with continued success for the upcoming year, for many good games are on the way.. ^^
toast.gif One great year behind us, and another one coming that'll be even better at-emote1.gif
keep up the good work everyone!

much credit to mr. Dive for our awesome domain, and the stellar webmaster job he has done. wouldn't be where we are without ya bro. toast.gif at-emote1.gif buttrock.gif
I may have joined late but I'm glad to be here, happy anniversary toast.gif
I love you guys! cry2.gif at-emote1.gif
Yeah, we rule. :3

It's been one hell of a fun ride, to boot. ^^

I hope to see everyone here (and then some!) for our two year anni. ^.~
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