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Full Version: That Paris girl....*snickers*
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As Paris Hilton lunched at L.A.'s trendy Ivy restaurant this week, her sex tape scandal exploded into a flurry of lawsuits. One was filed by the man on the tape, Rick Salomon, against Paris, her family and her publicist, accusing them of slander.

Now Paris is involved in another firestorm, this one surrounding another sex tape.

Sources tell "CJ" the other tape depicts Paris in a sex romp with a female friend and some toys. The friend, former Playboy playmate Nicole Lenz, was a guest at Hilton's 22nd birthday bash this past February at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Well-placed sources tell "CJ" the tape was made that same night after the party.

"CJ" has also learned that actor Simon Rex of the sitcom "What I Like About You" is also involved in the tape. Rex, who also appears in "Scary Movie 3," attended the party along with Nicole earlier that night. Connected sources tell us at times the former MTV VJ appears on camera. At other times, he is filming Paris and Nicole.

Attorney David Weeks represented Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in their sex-tape scandal. He talked to "CJ" about the role the Paris and Nicole video romp could play in Salomonís slander suit against the Hiltons that accuses them of launching a calculated campaign to portray Salomon as a rapist by insinuating he took advantage of a sweet and innocent girl who may even have been under the influence.

Salomon insists Hilton not only allowed him to tape her, but she was also a willing participant throughout. Some might argue this new tape can only support Salomonís claims, but David Weeks tells "CJ," "It doesn't necessarily prove or disprove any of the alleged statements the Hiltons or any of their representatives actually made. So it really doesn't have a strong relevance to his lawsuits."

As to the whereabouts of the Paris and Nicole tape, our sources tell us it is under lock and key, even though one of Paris' ex-boyfriends is quoted as saying he destroyed it.

Hot damn child...Don't know WHEN to quit, eh?
~under lock & key? now that's comical - i'll wager that tape will somehow manage to spread because of the media's influence..
Lock and key my ass! This thing's on WinMX and programs like it! But I'm not stupid enough to attempt to download this thing, as morbidly curious as I am. If they knew this was all over the net, they'd no doubt try to sue the pants off anyone who was found to have this on their hard drive. Those two are a couple of bimbos who have more dollars than they have brains.
goddamn, i dont see why the media is so obsessed with this chick. she's pretty ugly in my oppinion. *puke*
QUOTE (Claymore @ Dec 8 2003, 10:54 AM)
goddamn, i dont see why the media is so obsessed with this chick. she's pretty ugly in my oppinion. *puke*

It's cuz she's rich, if a poor person did it, no one would care.
Why am i not surprise, whats next one with her and Madonna?
QUOTE (Knightsword @ Dec 9 2003, 05:22 AM)
Why am i not surprise, whats next one with her and Madonna?

Yay, TWO ugly chick in one video! hangsmiley.gif
all i gotta say is I'd do her and her sister and that nicci girl :-D
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