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Full Version: Late For Work
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We take a step back and look into the creation of the robot. Every hero has an origin. Here it is!
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Time to destroy! Excellent, as usual!
hah great stuff as expected however I am a little confused as to this latest episode. Let's break it down...

Panel 1: We see the construction of scu.

Panel 2: scu learns his prime directives; City=bad, nature=good

Panel 3: scu is encased in a "time capsule", to be preserved for a set amount of years then opened, correct? I was under the impression scu was a robot from the future. Correct?
Yeah... um..well...
It's a thinker....
There are plans in the works for more about this. This is only part one of a mini series.

thx alot Dive...
pokin holes like that... geez... phhht!



EDIT! - Thx to our Dive's keen insight, I changed it up a bit. See if you can spot the changes!
I can! hah and scu has ATHQ up on his computer screen!

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Part two - The discovery!
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ps - There is a holding place for all of these comics. It's barebones for now, but soon it'll be shiney and pretty. go here - >
I love the side kick into the building! beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif

And the comments under the comics on your site are cool, too.
oh no! scu spotted the video game store! whats this?! must investigate! will that pesudo nintendo be SCU's kryptonite? his one weakness?
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