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Full Version: Ha ha ha....this'll be a FUN one....
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I was browsing the Ebay directories just for fun a few minutes ago and came across this beautiful little nugget....

If anyone here has ever wondered or doubted the sheer ferocity and manic behaviors of a collector's fanbase....bite your lip and look in awe at this one.

Linka's GOTTA know what I'm talking about here....


See also the listings (in the same condition) for:

Fortress Maximus
any Targetmaster "Movie" character

I's things like this that make me seriously reconsider selling my *own* stuff....

--Ridiculous, yet predictable....glad I got out of it when I did.... -.-;;
That Scourge toy looks very familiar. I think I had that particular one when I was about 6 or 7. Dunno what the hell happened to it though. It's probably in a landfill somewhere in California.

The bidding's up to $305!?!?!? JESUS CHRIST!!!
When ya do cut me a deal on a Jetfire beigelaugh.gif
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