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Full Version: Dreamwave's Transformers vs. G.I. Joe
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"The year is 1939 and a twisted alliance between a hate-crazed dictator and a ruthless general has left Europe in flames, in chains. The world’s only hope against the threat--the creation of an elite counterstrike force. Code name: G.I. JOE. But are even the Joes tough enough to take down this evil empire when it enlists the aid of a merciless army of alien war machines known as the DECEPTICONS?"
Written by acclaimed writer John Ney Rieber (Captain America, The Books of Magic) with stunning artwork by Jae Lee (Captain America, Inhumans) this 6-issue epic mini-series promises a startling re-imagination of these classic characters who defined the concepts of 'hero' and 'villain' for generations with grit, heart, and adrenaline.
The series also features all-new World War II era character designs for both the Joes and TRANSFORMERS by designers Dan Norton & Don Figueroa.

I picked up the first three issues in this series so far and I gotta recommend it to any comic fan, and even if you don't read comics but are a fan of either of these lines, check this out!

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Snake Eyes versus Ravage!
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there's also a gijoe vs. transformers that's more cartoonish.. if you're a big fan of the hokey 80s cartoons. both are good in different ways.
I gotta say at first I didn't think the WW2 approach was gonna work, but as I read it, I gotta it kicks all kinds of arse. But alas it suffers from Dreamwave's cronic lateness since it was suppose to be at number 5, this month, along with the Devil Due's cross over

Don't forget to pic up Transformers: The War Within comic and Transformers: G1 goes monthly in an ongoing, starting in January, with a preview coming out this month.

gah I sound like a Dreamwave advertiser.
My brother is a huge TF fan, and he picked up the first issue of this series a while ago. I love the retro-styles of the TFs, and the kickass art style...I've never really seen anything like it.

The story is really cool too, I plan on borrowing them all from him in the future beigelaugh.gif
~impressive - the artwork is beautiful, i love the style & detail ~ especially the 3rd image where Prime (?) is poised in the distance.. oO
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