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Full Version: Christmas shopping
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I just finished mine today. All that's left is wrapping which won't be a problem.
What! X-MAS! beigebigeek.gif oh no best get to store...

On second thought I'll just give them cash beigelaugh.gif
Oh geez... finding the "perfect gift" just got harder for me. This year ~ not only must it be affordable (read: cheap) but it must also fit in my carry-on luggage! x.x One of the less obvious drawbacks to moving 1,600 miles away from home. =/

Well, the good news is I have a very small family. ^^
I can't start my christmas shopping till I get paid on the 16th X(

One broke-ass ninja, I tell you what...
I have all the ideas i need to buy my gifts and tomorrow will be my shopping day.I don't have that many gifts to do,just my 2 nephews and one niece.
~christmas.. =/ all i desire to do is spend time with my family that i haven't seen in about 6+ months; presents are the least of our concerns & yet ~ this bazaar tradition demands it, a double-edge knife.. =. tomorrow, i'll be heading to the city to hunt for presents ~ small in size, so i don't get interrogated by the airport-squad tuesday evening.. ;p
this bazaar tradition demands it

Is this a delicious pun, or just a slip of the vocabulary?

If its on purpose I love it!
I'm going to start mine in the week of the 24th, as per usual beigesmile.gif
The week of the 24th.... I learned the hard way never to do that again. Last year I bought all mine online before thanksgiving.
It's been #1 on my to-do list for a while but I think I'll finish this weekend.
Hrm... christmas...
I am a bit of a scrooge about this one. Never been much of a christmas robot.

I have to go with the online shopping thing though. It's excellent.
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