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Full Version: I'm sad!!
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I can't play video games on my PC due to bad RAM.. and even if I could.. I really wanted to play City of Heroes >,<..and it's on close beta.. know how long i waited? :(

Chocobo.. take me away. chocobo.gif
~awww, looks like you need a cookie *offers a cookie* =) as far as the RAM, a friend of mine once told me, "if it breaks, chuck it & buy another.."
*eats the cookie* thank you. And about more ram, I not exactly a novice with computers... and I know that damaged ram is ALWAYS bad.. can mess up the Motherboard even.. but I need it right now because I have no money >,<
I think I have a couple of 1 meg sticks around here somewhere...
*digs around in dusty box*
Ah! Yes. Here they are!
You are on a 286, right?
Just let me know where to send 'em!

Hey, you can have the bad ram that I just had to replace to get FFXI working ;)

Incidentally, this application is *excellent* for testing out ram - hadn't heard of it until my recent problems:
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