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Full Version: New Appleseed Movie
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Looks like it may be CGI with cel shaded characters, heres a link to tha official page
Appleseed Official Website
Nice looking art!
I wish the page had some more info though...
I ran across Appleseed years and years ago. I really liked it! Maybe I'll go on a search today and see if I can find some of my old comics. Isn't there a movie also? hrm... 'net, take me away!

ps - I wish Sainty were here... he would love to see the soundtrack. :(
Looks pretty cool.. I enjoyed the first movie, although it's been a long long time since I saw it. I'll definitely keep an eye on this when it comes out.
i hate Oakenfold.
~that image would make a for a lovely avatar.. *ponders* this must be the latest trend nowadays, slicing up graphics in hopes of preventing anyone from downloading; obviously they underestimate the absolute might of photoshop ~ muahaha!! beigelaugh.gif


*cough* anyways, i'm liking what i see - a different look, but the style looks amazing; i sense a potential import on the horizon.. ^^
I liked the robot guy from the original movie...I don't remember a whole lot else about it...

All robots should have cute police officer girlfriends though.
some of us already do. beigelaugh.gif

although... she's not a police officer... and she's more than just my girlfriend...
hrm... nevermind.
how much (if any) is shirow involved in this? or is he too busy doing hentai these days?
The site has had an update with lots of new content including a trailer.
The celshading and cgi looks looks awesome
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