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Full Version: ~holidays.. ^^
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~my last post for a little while, but i'll pop in from time to time to see what's new & exciting; i'll be on holiday from this evening to the 21st of january...until then, i wish the folks of ATHQ happy holidays & i'll be back in full swing next year.. =D

until then ~ be safe *goes off to pack stuff..* at-emote1.gif
My uncle who is in the navy stationed over at Washington state (suicide central as he tells me) FInally got here in New Jeresy! :D Im so glad to see him after so long. Too bad hes leaving this saturday. :( But Im gonna remember these moments we spend together. IN fact we saw The last Samurai together and are gonna go piant balling tomorrow.... (im like gonna get so owned!)beigebiggrin.gif

Well any way what Im trying to say Enjoy those moments with your family and may you have a safe journey, godspeed. beigesmile.gif
Have a nice vacation and holidays Diva. teleport.gif
enjoy your holiday adventures DivA, have a safe one and we expect a full debriefing upon your return beigebigrazz.gif

Have a happy holiday.
Happy Holidays and have a safe journey.
Happy Holidays and stuff from your ole pal scu.
I can only hope that when you return, PSO 3 will have come out and you and I will be able to card battle like a couple of old pros.
Be safe, DivA, and have a great vacation beigebiggrin.gif
merry xmas.. i despise the term "happy holidays'. ...
12-21-03 ~ typing from somewhere..

~greetings, all.. portable computing is a wonderful thing; i'm writing from several thousand miles away from my usual abode ~ things are well, though i'm noticing that time is flying far too, a lot of interesting reads thus far (also, a nice find to the PsO thread that has those large image scans of ep3 - good stuff.. at-emote1.gif) ~ anyways, my time is kinda short; our family is having a christmas party of sorts so the house is buzzling with activity..
though our efforts shall be worth it by evening.. toast.gif until then, i gots to help with the cooking.. ^^


o yah, OS Panther owns me; just got it the day before yesterday & i'm truly amazed ~ all apple disciples need to order about 100 copies & spread the word.. spinning.gif
Hey sis ~ glad to hear you're having a good time. =) I know how time flies when you're on vacation... they never seem like they're quite long enough. I hope the rest of your trip is as enjoyable. Be safe. ^^


And this is my "see you later" post, as well. I'm hopping a flight back east tomorrow to spend a couple of weeks with my friends and family in Virginia. Net access will be limited, so I seriously doubt I'll be able to join anyone in any online gaming... though I'll most likely find the time to sneak onto ATHQ once or twice. ~ who know, i may even post something! ;p

I'll return on January 4th. So... 'till then, everyone have a merry Christmas and a happy new years. Have fun, but please stay safe. =)

- 'Rinn
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