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Full Version: Lord of the Rings
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Wowowow.. I liked it waaay better than the Matrix.
Its worth sitting through for 3 hours.
It dragged on a bit at the end though.
At least it was a complete ending.
Saying anything else just spoils the movie =p
Go watch it now!!!111111

anyone sit through the credits for the alternate endings? i was running late for work so i couldn't. i'll have to see it again.. which i was planning on doing anyhow.
I saw it at Midnight with a friend opening night. The theatre overbooed the two screens and we were stuck in the first row...but the opened a 3rd screen and we all got great seats then. That was cool.

It encouraged me to buy the extended two towers on DVD! Now, that is long! 2DVDs length!

I did not sit though the credits. I will have to see the alternate ending next time I am watching it. Thanks for the info!

I will see it again, but not today as I have work at 4pm-11 today. These 11pm nights really suck ;p at-emote1.gif
my friend at work sat through the credits and saw no alternate endings. i have a feeling it may have been a one time thing for opening night.. if so, that sucks!
i really want to see this movie! with any luck me and necron will go see it this weekend.
yea imma see it tonight ! woot!
The JadeDragon
This is the greatest movie I have ever seen. Peter Jackson should get all our praise for making a wonderful movie and an overall amazing trilogy. So many powerful scenes in the movie that made me unable to hold back my emotions. I have never seen so many males crying in a movie in my life. Even my very own "tough guy" husband had a few emotional moments during this movie. If you haven't seen this movie...please do yourself a favor and go see it. If you don't you will be missing out on a epic masterpiece...

Never again will I call another movie great unless it can stand up to this movie...simply amazing...
I have been watching the DVD extended versions all day today...haha. I just might be a little on the crazy side right now. Just finished 4+ hours of Fellowship of the Ring. In about 30 minutes I will start The Two Towers, then hit PSO later for some much needed play time....Crush and IVI better not take off before then! beigelaugh.gif at-emote1.gif
better than the first two combined I think, i work at a movie theatre and soo utterly i clean theatre's during the credits.. and there were nooo alternet endings at the end of the credits, sorry guys I dont think there ever were.. why would they make a alternate ending to a movie based on a book? I read the book and so it was kinda boring watching the very end of the movie but other then that the battles are AMAZING to watch it its nice to see the entire trilogy came together, to me it kinda feels like there's still one more.. but Toliken did make what a total of like 7 books, i might have to track them down. I think the books have something to do with the history of Middle Earth and the history behind all the races and what not.. seems kinda interesting after watching this trilogy wrap up.
Yes, I enjoyed the movie a lot.

I especially liked that the characters who aren't known for their ability to smash through armies, had their presence make an influential impact in the areas that we would overlook them at exceling in.

I know the sentence is like "WTF," but I don't want to give away spoilers.
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