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Full Version: Fan Art: Haruhiko Mikimoto
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I've taken to browsing the web for anime style artwork during FFXI downtime... I came across one particular site entiled "Images That Don't Suck" ~ I figured that sounded pretty promising. ^.~

The owner of this site has amassed a HUGE collection of anime style artwork... and indeed, most of it does not suck. It's very well organized, and the site is fast and reliable ~ I should know, I've been abusing his bandwidth for the last couple of weeks. ^^;

Anyhow... one picture in particular stood out to me. The artist is Haruhiko Mikimoto. Perhaps it was from seeing Last Samurai recently, or maybe from my adventures in Vana'Diel... whatever the reason ~ this picture inspired me, and I felt like sharing it.


user posted image
That's a pretty good piece of art. buttrock.gif
This just reminds me of how badass a fully-armored samurai looks. (well, almost full in this case) Thanks for the badass pic rinn. king.gif
Hmm Ive been wondering this for awhile. Do you think this piece was done by water colors? Thats what im getting looking at the style it has. It also looks to be more of a contemporary artist too, since the faces have a kinda anime-ish feel to it. It kinda reminds me those old school japaniese scrolls. None the less this picture rocks. It replaced the samus one i had for my desktop. spinning.gif
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