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Full Version: Naughty or Nice?
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Well its christmas day and i must say although this year it didnt feel as festive as the other years I sure did make off like a bandit.

I received
Crimson Skies for x box shades.gif
a banana Republic shirt.
a spiffy new Kenneth Cole wallet trophy.gif
Sum cool NeoGenesis Evangelion figures megaman-run.gif
An awesome looking glass chess board
and some japanese Sci-fi DvD movie called The returner. luna.gif

I got some pretty fly stuff if I say so myself oh and this cop friend of my gave me a PBA card beigebiggrin.gif

I got 20 bucks and I'm at work
I got a Red GBA SP, and Pokemon Sapphire, Sword of Mana, and Advance Wars 2. And a sweet A Perfect Circle shirt. Oh yeah, and some socks.
i got a couple lumps of coal... i must have been nauty.. beigelaugh.gif
A little after 9pm central my self and the rest of the staff got a present in the form of a hacker, who using a staff/mod account deleted the entire forum, but hopfully Cnc has a back up
I found a candy cane stabbed through a note on my door that said "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake..."

So I guess I was naughty. ;x
Wow, Knightsword. Sorry to hear about that. Usually, cowardly, pathetic crimes such as those come from within, or a recently ostracized ex-member. I do hope there was a backup made.

Let's see here...
I gots me -
1. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance game and guide for GBA-SP. I LOVE THIS GAME! Now I can finally understand what some of you FFXI people are refering to. Gill, Moogle, Baanga... stuff like that.
2. Spirited Away movie.
3. Arcade Classics - GBA-SP. I played these when they first came out in the arcades. hrm... beigesmile.gif
4. 6,000,000 ft retractable extension cord. Well, it IS really long.
5. A new piece of art for the house.
6. A little metal bat on a stick for the yard.
7. and... my wife and I are going to get a new pair of wedding rigns to replace our old cheap ones.
Very nice!
Cash purzeltag.gif

QUOTE (unitself @ Dec 26 2003, 07:18 PM)
4. 6,000,000 ft retractable extension cord. Well, it IS really long.

To quote Crush, "WHAT THE DUDE?" do you need a 6 million foot extension cord?
Socks, jeans, skivvies, oh and, Megaman X7, which I beat the other day.
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