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Full Version: ATHQ Upgrade Get!
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In light of the impending new year, ATHQ has been upgraded to the latest release of Invision Power Board. As a bonus we now have a snazzy new FFXI skin to replace the old one. I'm still working out a few bugs here and there so let me know if you happen across any.

ATHQ will still feature the fan favorite Seabed skin, with many more added in the upcoming months. As you can see there are quite a few new features, so kick back and enjoy yourselves in our new digs.
It is good that you kept the seabed skin it is precious to me.

But other wise the board looks great
You may need to change your bookmarks depending on what address you had set prior.

From now on please use as your main url to get to this site. This will bring you directly to the portal page as opposed to redirecting you to the forum subdirectory.
i really dig this new loook, exellent choice of skins bro. looks to be some awesome new features as well!
Wow i like this new skin,good job buttrock.gif
Thanks for the comments, I just wanted to address a few issues that are being worked on. The board seems to want to cling to the left side in Internet Explorer, while it is fine in Mozilla, where some of the posts are messed up table wise.

The logo graphic is undergoing an overhaul as well, not so much the text but the accompanying figures,
Wow pretty streamlined.
Maybe you can make a PSO Episode III skin when it hits stateside =)
And thank god the seabed skin is still selectable.

Oh wow... this is completely badass! I love what you've done with the place Dive.
ATHQ Upgrade got. I love it. What font is that for the main title banner? When I do make my FF11 sig, I may use it.
QUOTE (Azrael @ Dec 27 2003, 08:00 PM)
What font is that for the main title banner? When I do make my FF11 sig, I may use it.

hah and give away all my secrets bro? Next thing yo know Az here will be designing logos for teh ATHQ and putting me out of business beigebiggrin.gif

heh the font is called American Uncial, and I have been using it for a lot of FF related graphics now, note Bryn's new sig.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. beigesmile.gif
~cosmic work...i'm liking the style lots; reminds me a lot of an inn or saloon ~ the addition of a thumbs-up smilie is a welcomed touch.. at-emote1.gif
Very impressive! I'm liking it at-emote1.gif
Hey, this is really cool stuff...thanks for all the hard (I know its not that easy) work. I just had a hard disk (almost) crash on me and had to blow $120 on a new one. The SMART diagnostic said bad and it was locking up the computer ;p

I was just going to ask what happened to the portal..haha. Now, I see! I had it bookmarked.

Oh, by the way, I like this Bismarck skin. It's teh coolness!

Well, take your time on the boards...I as well as everyone am sure appreciates all the hard work. Take it easy! at-emote1.gif
QUOTE (Sheik @ Dec 28 2003, 01:14 AM)
I was just going to ask what happened to the portal..haha. Now, I see! I had it bookmarked

Everyone, if you don't get the portal page when you first come here, you need to update your bookmarks to point at the root url.

Your old bookmarks will only lead you to the forum page and not the front.
The Mood option should work now, update your mood from your profile.

Also fixed the centering issue in Internet Explorer, but I can't say how the board loads on Mac browsers, maybe you Mac users can clue me in.
Wow! I pop in for a quick visit, and I go --> O.o

The new skin looks awesome, Dive... thank you for your undying effort to keep this place running great and looking fresh. I can't wait to mess around with all the new features once I get home!

Well, just a quick update for you all ~ I've been having a great time with my family for the last few days. We had a nice Christmas day, and a relly yummy dinner that night prepared by my brother. Yesterday we all went to see Return of the King... mmmmm, great movie. Tomorrow I'm off to good ol' Blacksburg to visit with my friends for a few days and party it up for New Year's. Then it's back home to Colorado on Jan. 4.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! See you again soon. ^^
Fast Reply is enabled now, there will be a new button at the bottom of posts that will allow you to make an quick reply if you wish.
QUOTE (Dive @ Dec 28 2003, 11:15 PM)
Fast Reply is enabled now, there will be a new button at the bottom of posts that will allow you to make an quick reply if you wish.! I never seen that before. at-emote1.gif
Maybe its just me....but the icons that appear to the left of the forums are all the same now, whereas they used to change color/shape if there were new posts in that forum since the last visit. Is that just how the board is now, or some problem on my end?
There are subtle variations in the color of the post markers. I am using some default placeholder graphics until I get some better ones. I'll add that to the ones I will replace Crush beigesmile.gif
The JadeDragon
What exactly does this fast reply thing do? Also I agree with Crush, the icons don't seem to show any change if there are new posts or not...anywho good job Diggy Dive...
QUOTE (The JadeDragon @ Dec 30 2003, 06:13 PM)
What exactly does this fast reply thing do?

Click it and see for yourself beigebiggrin.gif

It just pops down an extra window at the bottom so you can use that to reply rather than going to a whole new screen. It's neat but ultimately redundant. What can I say, it came pre-loaded with the board.

QUOTE (The JadeDragon @ Dec 30 2003, 06:13 PM)
...anywho good job Diggy Dive...

Thanks Jade, I appreciate that. king.gif
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