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Full Version: HAPPY NEW YE~~~~~~AR!!!!!!!!!11111
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Well, the title pretty much sums it up.

All in all, 2003 was a good year for me, though it had its ups and downs like everything. Meeting you guys, my grandma dying, finding Jesus, getting a new PC, hitting 200... Quite the ride it has been. So what were some of your highlights from the previous year?

Let us go forward and see what lies in store for 2004! at-emote1.gif

I'mma get roaring drunk later, and hang off a street light.


about 2 hours 'till the wes-side see's the future, in the meantime, we're still trying to invent fire. beigelaugh.gif

~HNY's everyone!! =) hmmm, another year.. *taps brain to recall memory Oo* i would say my experience(s) have proved fruitful thus far; it's a time of change.. my folks are moving to begin a new life in the restaurant biz, my 'lil bro is planning for graduate work over seas at for your's truly, i'm in the process of shifting careers.. =.


all in all - change is good, but can be a 'lil stressful.. ^^' but i gots the feeling that 2004 shall be the year of choice ~ TFLO, summer 2004!! =D
Happy New Year!

...a few hours late...
Happy fuggin NEW YEAR!

Harhar, drunk get, pwahahaha. Actually I didn't get drunk or buzzed, but I drank quite a bit, amoung the 3 of us, we went through 3 bottles. After I woke up, I rang in the following morning with a few more glasses of wine. I always do this on new years, so it's nothing special....


*Way way late...*
*is even later*

OMG last night was awesome. WE DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS DOWNING BOTTLE AFTER BOTTLE OF ABSOLUTE. I got tired after an hour of it and ducked out.

Hahah feck joo job Im not going in today! beigebiggrin.gif

I made the same resolution I made every year since i was like five.

World Domination and make Magnets free evilking.gif
Happy New Year to all toast.gif
happy near year everyone
i celebrated by playing videogames until 10 in the morning lol
we did a straight run of hunter the rekoning among other things
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