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Full Version: FFXI RPing?
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just wondering who around here is intrested in, or allready RPing with their FFXI character.

chime in
Sorta, but not much because I suck at role playing beigebiggrin.gif
I'm interested in RPing. I may alsos suck at it at first but I can learn.
Ooops. forgot to log in. I gotta adjust my cookie settings in Internet Cleanup before the next time I use Clean Now.
Hm, The RP linkshell is now active for all those who wanna RP, and the board for it is on mine and chims site

Register for it and give me a day to two to make you able to access the FFXI board.
I would be interested in this,i roleplayed a lot with a bunch of great guys with PSO on the DC and on UNDERLIGHT for 4 years,so i have a bit of experience.I'm trying to register on the forum right now but it's extremely slow for me at this time...
Ok it took a while but i got my password sent to yeah i'm there if you ever decide to get this going. buttrock.gif
You have to ask? ;p

Of course I role play 'Rinn. Now that I'm finally back home from visiting folks for the holidays, I'll be back in action online. Hopefully we can get something going RP-wise soon.

Anyways... back to getting settled back in for me. See you online! ^^
Glad you made it back in one piece.
I plan to role-play Astrid as opposed to Chimaera, since a Red Mage stirrs my imagination much more than a thief or monk does.

But, I agree, we really do need to get this started.
I just posted my first entry, introducing Astrid :D
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