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Full Version: Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance!
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thats right, last night around midnight PST the servers went down yet again for maintnence. I logged on afterward to check it out but couldn't discover anything new. its possible it was to implement the "100 million button tap" counter in the gallons shop quest. but who knows.

whats next? the 100 Million Rappy March?

rappy-walk.gif rappy-walk.gif rappy-walk.gif
could this be to repair the FSOD problem? according to PSO-World, SEGA is now aware of the probelm, and working to eliminate it.
no, they didn't fix the fsod problem with the latest message, the maint. this topic was about was to install the button tapping contest, and since then another maintnance was preformed to open up a new route (behind the small wall in the garanz room at the end of spaceship (not accessable through the love route) in witch you fight several of each CCA Miniboss. i have yet to try it on ultimae but im sure it would be a rigerous workout.
I'd love a 100 million rappy march...Good lord the EXP...just think of the exp...

guns.gif + rappy-walk.gif x 100 million = king.gif trophy.gif

HAHAHA, 12 rappies per room , spawning every 4 seconds...Gahhh...

Err...yea FSOD sucks...
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