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Full Version: Armored Core Fanart
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Some guy at an Armored Core Forum i go to posted this. He started this in like september and just recently finished it. I tell you man this work is really inspiring and is making me wanna get back to work on a few projects I have planned. If only I had Illustrator...

Anyway enjoy. major r33t4g3.
Nice stuff I must say. I like the AC series to some degree. It should go online, unless it is already and i'm behind the times.
It already is online, but none of the online ones have come out in NA yet.
Horosha Onikage
Holy! Nice fanart there, I absolutely love the AC series. I was a blader once in the AC1 series, but I stopped for a while and now suck horribly. Hell, I still can't get the hang of overboost. I'd like it to go online too (outside of Japan); I had my hopes about Armored Core:Nexus being half online (one disc is single player, the other multiplayer) but it looks like it might not be going in that direction.

The other games (Armored Core 2:Another Age) and then on had dial-up, but it was always removed from the NA version.
Nice! I've been a fan of the Armored Core series ever since it first came out, and just now got back to it after a long hiatus . Seriously though, AC was the first game I got for the PS, gotta love those mechas....Anyway, AC9breaker, what forum did you get this from? Because that is some seriously nice looking art there!
U yea Armored Core 2 AA as well as Armored Core 3 Silent Line had online Capabilities for the JP. But The next instalment, Armored Core Nexus , will have online capabilites for U.S., and J.P.

It is true that this is a double disk game and will contaim every part every created in the game as long with alot more new goodies. As far as how the whole online thing is im not sure but one thing that is sure it WILL BE ONLINE. Its set to come out the same time Gran Turismo 4 comes out which will also be online capable.

I got this from the Raven Haven forums. This was the first thing this guy submitted. Here the link to the forum if you wanna check it out. Im Breaker 1/9 there. beigeroll.gif

Raven Haven.

Shieeeet. That looks real tight. Hmmm...I haven't played the expansion for 3....Maybe I should buy it.
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