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Full Version: Game hard spot turned easy
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Have you ever had trouble in one spot in a particular video game, only to beat it very easily all of the sudden? Like, you get to a certain spot and something kills you. So, you restart and try again, only to die again? Repeat until very angry or something near you gets broken... Then, one night, you break out the game again, and suddenly breeze thru that trouble spot and go on to have a great time?
Happened to me last night while playing Crimson Skies. I was getting my ass kicked by some damn minicopter things. I tried (and died) like 5 - 6 times. Then, last night, I literally breezed thru them in like 2 minutes. It was weird. So, now I own the minicopter and the game is fun again!
This happens to me all the time. I play and play, then get stuck and put the game down for a week or twelve. Then, one night, I rediscover the game and have a great time until it happens again.
Now if I can only get past that damn big ice dragon in Metroid Prime...
Yep i thappens to me as well.Many games,for some reason,i completed on a Sunday morning,after trying the day before with no success,you know that last Boss or very long stretch without a save and having to redo a good portion over...i guess we get frustrated to the point where it affects or gaming skills king.gif

I'm at a part like this right now with Prince Of Persia,hopefully i get past it tonight or else i'll wait for Sunday heh teleport.gif
I often have experiences like this playing Fist of the North Star in the arcade. I will be stuck at a certain guy, getting pummeld game after game, and it looks like I'll never pass him....then one game I will just go all "matrix" and everything falls into place and I whip his ass without taking a hit, and he's never a problem for me after that. It's weird how there's no gradual build up "aah i almost got you that time!"...I either totally lose, or totally kick their ass.
This is sad but true, I never beat the origional Super Mario Bros on the NES, yet when I got the gbc deluxe version I could blast right through the origional levels.
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