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Full Version: Welcome Dracheseele.
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Hello people. Im posting this hello thread on behalf of my friend. I met him in PSO and alawys had a good time gaming with him. Hes an armored core fan such as I and a really cool person.

He recently got FF11 for PC and being as how we are friends and all and I plan on playing with you guys once PS2 gets FF11 and he wants in on the action. So if anyone could help him out we would both appriciate it very much. Although he jus got FF11 he is very experinced since he was a beta tester for it. So please guys whatever you can do is much appriciated.

I know i asked this before but i thought people didnt pay much attention to the other one and like this he can introduce himself.

*Hopefully this will get him say hi* boo.gif
Yes yes hello.
I did beta FFXI, making it to lvl 30 as a RDM mithra named Ayre.
I plan on making a RDM mithra named Ayre for this, heh heh
anyway, many hellos and whatnot
Welcome aboard and nice to meet you Dracheseele. Let us know if you require a Pass that will get you onto our World, Bismarck.
I have everything setup, so yes i am ready to actually start
I would like to join the chaos on bismarck ^_^
many thank-yous in advance
OK Dracheseele, check your PM inbox, you have a WP waiting.
Greeting Dracheseele,nice to meet you,hope you have fun here,not only with FFXI but with the other sections also. teleport.gif

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