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Full Version: Xbox os DVD player
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Our main DVD player broke down a few weeks ago, so I bought the $30 remote for the Xbox and started using it to watch movies and stuff. So far it's pretty good. It's not the greatest quality, but it is more than adequate until we get our main DVD player back from the factory. Anyways... while watching two Futurama episodes, I noticed that every now and then, maybe once or twice during the program, the image would kind of double or stutter or something. It also happened while watching the Family Guy too, but I didn't think too much about it then. This doesn't happen on regular movies, just on the animated TV shows. I have yet to watch an animated movie so I don't know if there is some kind of connection. The Xbox plays games just fine, btw.

Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone else here use the Xbox as a DVD player? I am only going to have to use it for another two weeks or so... I just hope I am not hurting the unit any. It's just that regular TV sucks soooo much (we don't have cable TV)!
I don't own an Xbox, but...30 dollars for a REMOTE?!? I know it let's you activate the Xbox's extra stuff, but damn, DVD players are so cheap.

Probably should of just got a cheap new DVD/CD/MP3 player for like 40~50 bucks, instead of giving the greedy buggers any money. Although 30 bucks is still cheaper then 40 bucks. I know the PS2 DVD player is pretty iffy aswell. Well, not really bad, just that it can skip if the CD grip is a little dirty(the thing the DVD lays on that spins the DVD back and forth so the laser can read the disc). That could be why your xbox is skipping as well. If the CD has to read from the dsic constantly, it can cause minor skips if the CD grip/holder/thing-the-CD-lays-on is a little dirty. For the PS2 I have to open it up from time to time to clean this part off with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol(you'd probably void your warranty if you open it up though). It doesn't effect gameplay, just when it reads DVD reading intensive DVDs(ie.movies).

I rarely hear about the Xbox having this problem, but the PS2 is notorious for having poor DVD reading quality because of the CD grip being dirty.

You can also write the fine people in charge of Xbox customer support a nasty letter directed toward, for them charging 30 bucks for a freaking remote....and the skipping.
It's normal especially for the Family Guy,it's a very bad conversion they did and it shakes a lot,i'm not sure if the season 3 is better but all of season 1&2 does that.I only had a few problems with the XBox DVD player and i'm sure most of the time it's due to people renting movies and not taking care of the DVD...with cheap DVD's now,it's going to get worst.
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