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Full Version: OMG it's teh Zio!
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
You have reached the baddest mofos on Ragol, and now, Vana'diel.
Do enjoy your stay here. at-emote1.gif This isn't the same Zio of though.
Whao, Hey Zio, Zeo, Zao, Zuo... gah to many... beigebigeek.gif Welcome and enjoy your time here. shades.gif
Thanks I hope to have a good time here. (btw good to see ya again linka...still play pso?)

What's up, horse boi?
Welcome aboard Zio. buttrock.gif
Haha, I can't wait I got my computer yesterday. Only thing really wrong was can't put a floppy drive in it and the front broke which a little duct tape shouldn't hurt =P. At school now so whenever I get home I have to finish installing stuff. HOPEFULLY ILL BE ON FFXI TONIGHT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! buttrock.gif buttrock.gif guns.gif guns.gif guitarist.gif guitarist.gif sniperer.gif sniperer.gif chocobo.gif chocobo.gif king.gif king.gif evilking.gif evilking.gif mog.gif mog.gif toast.gif toast.gif
QUOTE (Zio @ Feb 2 2004, 12:23 PM)
(btw good to see ya again linka...still play pso?)

I still get on every once in a while. Not many left playing though beigesigh.gif

I'll be joining the FFXI group next month
That's schweet...btw people my computer was being stupid and wouldn't read the first disc of ffxi along with a bunch of other cds. Fortunately I have my playonline account enabled and you can now contact me at Hopefully since my step-dad let me use his cd rom I'm hoping I can get it running today...sorry for the delay DE. Hope that WP is good till today.
I got it Sunday, so it should be good till Friday.
That's really good to hear especially if my computer is still giving me problems today. king.gif
Hey, Zio. Nice to meet you. I'll look out for you online beigesmile.gif
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