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Full Version: Champions of Norrath.
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I'm going to pick up this game when it hits at the end of this month.Many are saying this is the next PSO,it plays the same almost,4 people per team online.Not sure if the Lobbies will be as cool as PSO though but the game is getting great reviews everywhere.I think it's PS2 Broadband only...only bad thing is that the game saves on the memory card...we all know what can happen because of this.

There's a playable demo in the new Official Playstation Magazine,i will pick it up this weekend and give my impressions if anyone is interested.
id get it but there far to many games coming out at the same time >.>
Is this thing supposed to play like PSO? I haven't been following this one.
it plays like baldurs gate DA the first one
It's broadband only from what I heard(could be wrong). The combat is practically JUST like Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance for the PS2. Gameplay wise, PSO differs by a lot, but they are both of the same genre and are thus compared. If you haven't played BG:DA, then I suggest you do before getting CoN, otherwise you might not like what you get. I say that because some people love BG:DA for it's simple hack & slash gameplay, while others will dislike it for that same reason. It will be a fun time killer for a month or so IMO.
After reading this FAQ at IGN i'm not sure about getting this game,no lobby support and no cheating precautions whatsoever...
Will the servers prevent cheaters?

There's no way for the servers to tell if anyone is cheating. Since there is no "peer vs. peer" combat, if someone is cheating it will only affect his or her game. As such, there has been nothing put in place to prevent people from duplicating characters or items or hacking into their character to give themselves huge amounts of experience or gold.

For anyone who doesn't want to cheat and plans on playing with friends, this is not a concern. When going online, the best method is trial and error for choosing playing partners. If people have unusually high levels and walk through levels like a hot knife through butter, then what's the point? Connect with other honest gamers who want to play for real."

So i rented this game for a few days and i have to say it's pretty good.You can make a private game and wait for friends to join.It's like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance,only better i felt.The single player is very good also.There's just a weird delay in the sound when the NPC's talk,like by the time you finish reading the text,the voice starts telling it...
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