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Patti C.
I still remember you every year on July 27th. I can never forget.
26 July 2010 - St. Paul, MN

lots been going wish to talk to u alot but i know u look down and smile cuz u already kno wats going to happen
9 November 2008 - redby

The other one
Patricia, call me, 218-255-3735
8 August 2008 - Minnesota

Michael, I regret that I never got to meet you. I knew of you through your father, but I never had the honor to know you myself. I will always regret that. Perhaps one lifetime is not enough space in which to find all those that we seek.

Thank you, Michael, for your life. My life has been changed because of you, although I never met you. Amazing how one life well lived reaches others beyond the scope of his earthly existence. I have been touched by your profound presence--you have marked me and you may never know it. You gave us light. May we remember to walk in the light you gave us. You taught us to live honestly, courageously and deeply. Annie Dillard tells us that "courage cannot be tested cautiously." You lived your courage every day from what your father told me. You were brilliant.

One day I would like to meet you, and I think I will get my chance. When we meet I have a great story to tell you--I think you will like it. For now, you have my prayers. I think of you always on the 27th of each month.

Prayers to all who knew and loved you best and miss you terribly, especially to the Johnson and Loud families. You can never be replaced. You left a big hole in our hearts when you passed on. But when you get a chance, send us a wink and a nudge from time to time. Let us know how you are.

29 May 2008

Miss you a lot these days.... I know you’re in heaven smiling down on us.
17 March 2008 - bemidji

i visit this site a lot or when ever i can. Miss you mike! birthday was here thinkin about what we would have done when we hung out. Last time i talked to you we made plans to meet up and go to the moves and just hang out for the rest of the day, the day you left us i called your cell a bunch of times, i was crying and praying that it wasnt you! But it was your time, well meet again. Your probably visiting with my dad telling him our crazy stories! til next time
13 December 2007 - bemidji

MiSs JoHnSoN
comin thru to0 pay my respects fam.. ya greatly missed eryday.. but its n our hearts ya gonn live on foeva

--- ReSt iiN PeAcE!---
8 October 2007 - R-tiZzle

Charles Smith
miss ya bro. life seems to be empty without you around
9 September 2007 - Bemidji,MN 56601

Missing you like crazy mike. we miss you, skippy and diamond too.
30 August 2007 - Bemidiji

Vange Anderson (Dick Anderson's wife)
I knew Michael briefly as a substitute teacher at Kids 'N Company when he was quite young. Even then he impressed me as a loving and caring young man. He always had a smile for me as well as a gentle way of letting me know what he wanted. You will be in our thoughts and prayers as our hearts are echoing the hurt in yours. May you find comfort in the words of those who knew your precious one.
17 August 2007

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