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FFXIVstuff, aka monster hunter XIV
post Aug 4 2009, 03:05 PM
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The latest edition of Famitsu Wave recently hit newsstands in Japan, bringing with it a DVD which contains an 8-minute exposé on Square Enix's second stab at the MMO genre, Final Fantasy XIV. The whole video is posted after the break. Fret not -- it sports convenient English subtitles.

Here's some of the more titillating excerpts: The game features a reinvented character progression system which does not include experience points or leveling up. The job system from XI will make an appearance, but in a heavily altered form -- an interview with the game's director, Nobuaki Komoto, revealed that the game will place a focus on the weapons players use, explaining that your armaments will determine "the way you play" and "the way you grow." Sounds reminiscent of Final Fantasy IX. (That's a very good thing.)

In addition, FFXIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka explained that the game takes place in a new region with a more "modern" feel to it -- the mysterious Eorzea which was mentioned in the trailer. The new world features familiar races (albeit with new names), and plays host to a "deep story," which is told through cut-scenes and quests. For more FFXIV info than you can possibly handle, check the video after the jump.

sounds similar to monster hunter no?

Race Scans

Someone translated the text on BG Forums regarding the characters:

"When you make your character, aside from choosing the race, you will also be able to customize their appearance. Head, skin color, hair type etc, there will be multiple factors. Just how exact we will be able to customize their appearance is still unknown, but we mean it in a good way when we say that it seems like it will become a worry to many players."

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post Sep 14 2010, 08:54 AM
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An ass-ton of new and updated info from the Final Fantasy XIV Pre-Launch Event: http://www.ffxivcore.com/

Guildleve availability/cooldown
Right now, there is a 2 day cooldown for guildleves. This is not enough for a single person, but the aim was that people would share guildleves to extend this time. This is why we have the leve-link and the bonus rewards for higher difficulty selection, to make it more rewarding and better exp/skill gains to play in a party. However, the time was just too long, and we heard many complaints of this nature, so we will shorten it. With that, we can see the problem with having to travel via teleport more frequently, so we are currently tweaking an anima regen increase.
Upcoming guildleve introduction
We will be adding not just normal guildleves, but a wide variety of types of guildleves. First, there will be higher level guildleves. Among those, many will have more variance in the rules/goals as well as being able to fight with more varied monsters in many more target areas. In particular, we heard many comments of "I want to fight more and more NMs!" so we want to respond to that quickly. Also, the faction leves that were in the Open Beta are designed to be a somewhat "different taste" from regular leves, with hidden starting conditions or npcs. The rewards for these are fairly good, so please try them out! Finally, we are going to be steadily adding more and more leves that encourage coordination between all the classes including gathering/crafting/magic/war. Please look forward to it!
Notorious Monsters
Soon, there will be NM's even in the world of FFXIV. These will look very different from most of the other normal monsters. We're planning to introduce NM's that are so huge they make a Malboro look small. The tranquil era is about to end! We're going to torment adventurers with these powered up, aesthetically varied NM's which we've prepared "episodes" for.
Damaging monster body parts:
There are monsters which have different body parts that can be damaged. Using a specific weapon skill while standing in a specified position can lead to cutting a monster's body part off. For example, you can cut Malboro's vines or a horn/tail if the enemy has one. In addition to changing the monster's appearance, those actions can have the following effects:
- Weakening the monster
- Preventing monsters from using specific skills
- Acquiring materials from cut/damaged body parts
Other: By combining a particular race's equipment etc with city-state it's unavoidable that a certain degree of being tied down will occur, so this time we are not thinking of doing that. [I'm a little unclear here but I think this means they want to avoid certain races being tied to certain city-states]
Scenario's are balanced, basically, completely soloable or depending on the situation doable with a small number of people. "For the most part, soloable"
City-states' Guilds: Not all guilds are in every city-state
By passing a certain condition, "class quests" will become available at guilds. Class quests are of course related directly to the class itself, but at the same time are a way to truly learn the details of each city-state. Please enjoy the story revealed in these quests, in addition to the quest rewards themselves.
When you complete a quest, you will receive Guild Tokens [marks?]. We are planning to add more and more things to exchange tokens for.
Balances to enmity in party battle: In beta, they made adjustments to enmity based on magic and abilities, but they have plans for more. These changes, however, will probably take a while to implement. They plan on adjusting the enmity according to contents, equipment, abilities, monsters, and so on. These changes will be made continuously after service begins based on how things are going.
Mana Regeneration: In FFXIV, management of your MP use is supposed to be an important part of strategy. They’d also like magic to have explosive power in fewer hits, and not just be used to spam enemies with light damage attacks. To promote this, they’d like to continue to balance the recovery methods used for MP, including the abilities and aetherite, as well as adding new methods later on.
Usefulness of Battle Regimen
Battle regimen serve a double purpose: to expand the strategy of party play, and to reduce the difficulty/rigidness in forming parties. They are not just for doing extra damage, there are lots of various effects. For example:
- Phys Resistance Debuff
Normal melee attack -> Normal melee attack (ex. slash -> punch [these are basic DoW abilities])
- Magic Resistance Debuff
Normal melee attack -> Normal magical attack (ex. slash -> spirit dart)
- Cast speed down + MP consumption up
Normal melee attack -> Magic (ex. slash -> Fire)
- TP gain reduction + TP consumption up
Normal melee attack -> Weapon skill (ex. Slash -> Red Lotus)
- Action aptitude up (Using a different class ability on the current class grants the same effect as when used on the other class)
Same class magic -> Magic
Same class Weapon skill -> Weapon skill (ex. Trunksplitter -> Brandish)
- Damage up
Various class WS -> WS -> Magic
Various class magic -> Magic -> WS (ex. Blizzard -> Scourge -> Puncture)
For example, if it's difficult to continue dealing physical damage, use Phys resistance debuff. If it's a casting monster, use cast time debuff + MP consumption increase etc.
Negotiations are another way of obtaining loot (other than battles). By choosing the right conversation subject with a NPC, player can engage in negotiations and receive items in exchange for items wanted by the NPC. If player does exceptionally well, it's possible to get some free stuff as an extra.
Ishgard: Ishgard's people have long been at war with man-eating dragons, and thus have not taken on Adventurers. In this city, there are already several quests appearing for the "Dragon Slayers" [faction?] who are at war with the dragons.
Guildleves in the Beta: We sincerely apologize to our open beta testers for the client errors that would occur more frequently during guildleves in the beta. In the release version, we are dealing with these diligently.
Retainer: Right now, when you buy something from a retainer, there is an unnecessarily long delay. On release, we plan to make this a lot more smooth. We would like to make improvements to make commerce even easier for everyone.
Relationship Crafting/Gathering & PC Status: PC's physical level & attributes will have an effect on crafting and gathering. There are hints in the game as to what does what, so please search for it.
Physical: Closely related to the tool being used and will particularly affect quality
Attributes: related to "Godsend" [I think these are the extra result/HQ result] probability & "attribute stability" [?]
Physical: Affects difficulty in obtaining items in the "gather" phase as well as the number of items obtained
[translator note].. this is a literal translation of "physical" and "attribute" I wasn't sure here if they're talking about skill level or what, but judging from the use of katakana for Physical, I must assume it means physical level, even though that sounds odd to have an effect here.
Market: We don't want crafters and gatherers to simply "put up" their items on the market and that's it. We want them to also act as salesmen and learn to play the market intelligently. For this purpose, we will begin with focus on the Bazaar market system. On that note, in order to be able to tell "What's for sale?" etc, we are planning to adjust policy and add functionality to improve the user friendliness.
Retrying guildleves: The best way to level is with guildleves, that is, even without the guardian's favor, you will earn way more exp and skill points per each kill. For this reason, we wanted to prevent abusive use of leves by killing all the monsters but failing right at the end and then retrying on the spot. However, if you visit the NPC that gave you the leve, you can retry it.
There will be hardware mouse support!
We believe that the item selection interface should be very responsive, and by release we will have introduced a MUCH improved version. After release we will continue improving this.
The FFXIV development team acknowledged that there's issues with the mouse and user interface and apologized about it. Hardware Mouse + UI improvements will be a major focus for them.
There will be package discount pricing on the subscription (Japan-3months, NA/EU 3/6 months)
Due to game balance consideration, the level cap on release will be 50
We will change it so you do not lose disabled abilities when changing class any more. [assume this means they won't leave the ability bar, they will probably just gray]
Physical stat distribution will affect both crafting and gathering classes as much as it does everyone else.
There aren't any "open world" NMs outside of guildleves.
New hairstyles will be added, as well as the ability to change hairstyle in game after you make your character.
Crafters will be able to cooperate in large-scale projects (boats, cannons, wedding cakes! YUM) so more fun for you and your company!
There will be guildleves where crafters and adventurers have to cooperate.
The guildleve issue will be fixed so they cooldown will be significantly decreased from 48 hours.
Anima regeneration will have to be raised since you'll have to travel more for more frequent guildleves.
The faction leves have you fight different beastman tribes and such.
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